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A summary of the Quality Changes article. There are multiple changes to maps here, as well as some insight on how development is going right now.

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So, what has changed?

Space Dynamic Escapee: Redux has had steady map progress since the previous article that was posted on 24th of February. Today is the 1st of May. Let’s check out what exactly has changed!

  • Older maps have been polished more! This means that they received more decorations and have been adjusted for the sake of gameplay.


One such example from sderedux_c0a0. In the new version, restrooms were added to the cafeteria section.

  • Better inmate voicelines! We have used for this, which you can check out by clicking here. Of course, it is known for its not-so-pristine quality, but using the Black Mesa Walter voice and lowering its frequency to 11025 HZ in Audacity allowed us to make voice lines almost up to par with vanilla Half-Life’s scientist voice lines.


This inmate in sderedux_c1a0a uses this method in order to speak to Falkins, who the player controls.

  • Newer maps are being beta tested and improved! What new maps, you may ask? sderedux_c1a0, sderedux_c1a0a, sderedux_c1a0b and sderedux_c1a1! They have all been finished, making the total map count in-game to be 5 out of 49, with 2 chapters out of 10 being done.


A single screenshot each of the 4 maps mentioned above.

  • New menu background! The original SDE mod did have a menu background, but it was very poorly done. The SDE:R background is better done, but it’s still a work in progress.


Just like how Gordon is in the menu background of vanilla Half-Life, that is Richard Falkins.

Unfortunately, that is it for this short, albeit rather informative article. If you do have any suggestions or questions about this, please put them in the comments below or in our Discord server, where most of the progress is being posted. Thank you, have a nice day and stay tuned for more!

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