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Tier666 is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena. Bots now move faster and act more unpredictably. You can expect more on enjoyable opponents. Note that there is no compatibility between previous versions.

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Title : Quake3 Arena Tier666 Modification v3.0(preview release)
Author : a13xoloid
description : Bot AI Mod for extraordinary offline experience

* Play Information *
- make sure you have retail version of Quake III Arena installed on your PC, ideally patched to version 1.27 or above
- if you have previous version of tier666(v2.2 or below) installed, be sure to delete it or prepare to overwrite it
- unzip the contents of to your Quake3 folder, so that "q3-tier666.exe" sits in the same directory with original "quake3.exe"
- double click "play_ra3map1.bat" or "play_ra3map1_instagib.bat" to play (you can create your own shortcut or edit the bat file as you want)
- once you've entered the arena, you must add some bots to play with

NOTE : Tier666 demands far more system memory for bot routing than original Quake3 Arena, if you failed to load a map, setting com_hunkMegs higher than "128" can help.

your_quake3_directoy\ (such as C:\game\quake3\)
| |_ ra3map1.pk3 (can be put anywhere else if you know what you are doing)
|_ cgamex86.dll
|_ qagamex86.dll
|_ tier666.pk3
|_ uix86.dll

* Description *
Tier666 is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena. Bots now move faster and act more unpredictably. You can expect more on enjoyable opponents.

This mod requires a per map configuration or specialized version of bot file and arena file.
So the number of supported map is limited at the moment. Because bot AI code in executable and game module are co-dependent each other, you can't inherit the features of Tier666 mod to other mods.

* Supported Official Maps *
- none

* Supported Custom Maps *
- ra3map1 "High Noon"

* Features *
- new gametype "Tour d'arena" or "TDA" (a variant of Rocket Arena or Clan Arena)
- instagib mode (a variant of pure instagib)
- additional player movement
1. a traditional double jump (CPM or Quake Live)
2. a variant of bounce pad double jump (Quake Live)

- advanced bot movement
- more unpredictable bot behaviour
- wider range of graphic setting than original Quake3 Team Arena

* Change Log (since v2.2) *
- added a new gametype "Tour d'arena(g_gametype 8)", that is a bizarre variant of Rocket Arena or Clan Arena as played in Quake Live
- this gametype is spcialized for RA3 maps and best played with them
- everyone spawns with full load equipments and play through various areans till one team reaches roundlimit(capturelimit) or time wears off
- the team that eliminated all the enemy players scores 1 point
- in this gametype bots make full use of new tactical AI during intense combat
- added a new player movement, that is, Quake Live style "bounce pad" double jump
- it works as if kicking a wall, so you must try to move toward a target wall just before pressing jump button, but once kicked or bounced, you might want to flip the input direction to gain air acceleration or so as not to eliminate it
- the more momental upward vertical speed, the more kick speed gained
- it is more tricky yet more flexible than Quake Live's, so a variety of new tricks can be achievable depending on the surroundings
- if you want to stay conservative, it can be toggled by bg_wallKick
- please refer to video section in moddb to know what actually these jumps are
- added an instagib mode
- players spawn with gauntlet, rocket and rail
- gautlet requires 2 hits to score(1 point), rocket requires direct hit to score(2 points), rail as usual(1 point)
- rocket splash causes knockback without splash damage
- added a new CVAR g_arenaBotPreferRetreat (refer to CVAR section)
- added a new CVAR g_fastAI (refer to CVAR section)
- added a new CVAR com_bspScale (refer to CVAR section)
- added a new CVAR cg_ambientSound (refer to CVAR section)
- added a new parameter "head model scale" for addbot commnad (addbot [skill 1-5] [team] [msec delay] [altname] [body model] [head model] [head model scale] [player sound])

- for this scaling to take effect cg_headScale must be set -1 (refer to CVAR section)
- added a new bot routing method specialized for Tour d'arena mode
- bots can now make full use of air acceleration while jumping if designated that way
- bots can now use double jump if designated that way
- bots who mistakenly entered unexpected or undesired area will now try dodging to escape there qucikly
- drastically optimized tier666-specific bot movement code, should now be able to support a larger number of bots at the same cost with previous versions
- reduced network packet size, should now be as small as original quake3 arena if not exact nor smaller

* Tier666 CVARS (Many of them are for the purpose of reducing eye/nerve strain) *
cg_drawMuzzleFlash - draw weapon flash effect when fired - default:0
cg_drawScreenBlood - draw blood effect on screen - default:0
cg_projectileScale - scale the radius of projectile trail - default:0.5
cg_drawSpeed - show player's horizontal movement speed in unit/sec - default:0
cg_leastDlight - only special item(CTF flag and Quad) holders emit dynamic light - default:1
cg_drawAreaNum - show aas area number at the location where you are currently standing - default:1
(can be used to make bots roam around specific areas, for example, /say_team sarge roam from 13 to 666)
cg_playerLean - lean player model based on speed - default:0
cg_hitbeeps - 0:no beeps, 1:mono tone, 2:damage based tone, 3:the opposite tone of 2 - default:2
cg_ambientSound - enable ambient sound - default:0
cg_headScale - scale the head model just for fun, -1:scale based on per bot setting, 0:disable, N.NN:force this value for all - default:-1

g_enableSlummer - a tier slummer appears in single player mode - default:1
g_arenaIndex - set the 1st area index that will be played (Tour d'arena) - default:1
g_arenaRepeatCount - set how many rounds will be played in each arena till moving to the next (Tour d'arena) - default:2
g_arenaSkipBotBattle - when one human player died, team with more survivors wins then skip to the next round (Tour d'arena) - default:1
g_arenaBotPreferRetreat - bots prefer roaming around over fighting with visible enemies nearby (Tour d'arena) - default:1

- Because this variable can greatly affect how bots behave, you might want to set this value based on your preference
- 0 : you want to focus on combat, 2 : you want to chase and hunt restlessly escaping bots, 1 : between 0 and 2
g_fastAI - skips some redundant bot AI code, may be very cheap - default:1
g_instaGib - enable instagib mode (gametype independant) - default:0 (never stored in q3config.cfg)

r_freqScale - scale the hertz of blinking textures - default:1.0
r_drawFog - draw fog - default:1
r_drawVolumetricLight - draw volumetric lights in official id maps - default:1
r_picmip - set picmip for level textures and map objects only - default:1
r_picmipExp - set picmip for missile explosions only - default:2
r_ambientscale - scale the brightness of dynamically lit(by lightgrid) models(player models) - default:0.6
r_drawMapObjects - draw map objects - default:1
r_huntMode - 1:makes level textures gray, 2:makes lightmap gray, 3:makes both gray - default:0
r_intensityPM - set the intensity of player models - default:2
r_intensityTX - set the intensity of level textures - default:2
r_normalizeByColor - prevent over-lit textures turn white out - default:1
r_mdlOBB - set overbrightbits for map objects only - default:2
r_lgOBB - set overbrightbits for lightgrid only - default:2
r_lmOBB - set overbrightbits for lightmap only - default:2
r_mapOverBrightBits - set overbrightbits for targets other than listed above(mostly level textures) - default:2
r_zFar - don't draw anything whose distance exceeds this value(recommended for Nvidia Riva TNT or ATI Rage Pro users) - default:-1(automatic)
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic - enables anisotropic filtering - default:0
r_textureAnisotropy - set anisotropy level - default:1.0
r_minLight - set minimum value of lightmap brightness to cope with very dark custom maps - default:0, max:255

com_bspScale - scale the size of level on the fly (bots are not supported after scaling, just for fun at the moment) - default:1.0

bg_wallKick - enable wall kicking after thrown by bounce pad - default:1

* Author *
Name : a13xoloid
Home :

Special thanks to id software to release full source code.

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