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This beta version works well for the author, but will not necessarily work well for you. There may be errors with a lack of RAM on win 10 (win 11 has an improved memory manager, there are no problems on it), this will be fixed with the transfer of the game to 64 bits.

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  • hdr render
  • hdr glare
  • hdr sky boxes (use hdr file format)
  • async frame rendering
  • new filmic effects - chromatic aberration, lens deform, vigneting
  • better thermal vision for ik glasses (rogue)
  • full dynamic lighting for glass surfaces
  • improved self shadowing for parallax
  • player weapon collision
  • two sided decals
  • vertex lighting for alpha and water surfaces
  • improved caustics
  • massive media update
  • refraction particles support (look railgun fire effect)
  • lava heathaze effect
  • new security shield effects
  • dynamic screen resolution list (windows only)
  • update loading screen
  • fast curl http downloading for multiplayer
  • the strength of the controller vibration depends on the amount of health and armor (windows only)
  • game controller charging icon (windows only)
  • better linux support with amd cards
  • better zaero support +relight
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