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Hey guys sorry about the updates not being out on indiedb so ill link you guys to gamejolt. But there is one thing the update contains many many many more features like different modes island modes etc.

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That above is the current download indiedb uploading is taking toooo long!
(The photo for the news is in the text saying this guys face explodes XD its just a npc its not my character)

So you guys have being asking some questions and here they will be answered so here we are.

Question : Why are the updates coming pretty slow?
Answer : Currently I'm learning programming and I'm working as a 3d modeler at some development teams.

Question : Where did the inventory go?
Answer : It was removed due to messing up pause menu's and the cursor.

Question : When can you get a inventory for eating/drinking?
Answer : It varies if i learn programming quickly also hunger can be a problem.

Question :Why does the cursor show?
Answer : This is asked quite a lot but all you have to do to hide it click esc and then exit the menu and then your ok!

Question : You should add saving.
Answer : That won't be in for a long time because for saving your need some major programming skills!
But ill try :D

Thanks all you guys for your continuous support :D

Also i hoped this helped!

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