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Our first blog post from our lead designer, Monjoni Osso, is now up. Read more after the jump!

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Choice is a fundamentally important element of designing any computer game. Choices create interaction and create the attachment that players have with a game. As a game designer, when given the option, I have always erred on the side of giving more choice to players. As the Lead Designer on Purify Puzzle, I was able to put that thought into action.

Our biggest and best innovation in Purify Puzzle is the Swap System. The Swap System allows players to have more decision in how they beat the puzzles that we've provided. The way it works is that on every level and every multiplayer match, the player has eight Swaps. A Swap works on the non-active item the player is holding. Based on a color wheel that changes for each color in the game, the player can use a Swap to change the color of their non-active item. However, the player only has eight of these Swaps to use per level, so careful use of the Swap System is one of our biggest rewards.

The Swap System allows you, our player, to interact with our game in a much more fun way than other Match 3 titles allow. As you get better at the game, something we think you will thanks to our multiplayer and challenging Survival and Time Attack modes, you'll see a whole new world of options and choices open up. The Swap System lets you create bigger combos and longer chains, and gives you a way out of dodge when you need that last, desperate match to avoid losing the level.

Ultimately, the Swap System allows you to have more choices. More choices means more interaction which, in the end, means more fun! I sincerely hope you have a lot of fun with Purify Puzzle and that you learn to use our great Swap System. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please leave a comment if you can!

- Monjoni Osso, Lead Designer, Paper Child Studios

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