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Buy a license? And other publishing questions... (read the last sentence)

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This news is taken from our developement blog:

The team is thinking about buying a Standard license of Construct 2.
Here are the arguments for this question.

• have an unlimited use of the product
• sell games
• it's still under development so it can only be better
• useful tool to have (for fast prototyping for example)
• HTML5 = cross platform?
• it's cheaper now (23€ instead of 47€, early adopter)

And unfortunately the cons:
• it's still under development so we haven't got the full product
• we do not really know the product for the moment
• no big game or successful game used it (it's new!)
You may have understood that we are likely going to buy it but a bit of hesitation remains...

This brings a new question, will TGDOR be free? I think that we might make both, a free working version and a paid version (not more that 5$). The free version would have a limit (introduction levels) or just an online free demo (but more complete than usual demos), or a working alpha or beta (as desktop dungeons did), and naturally the full version would include everything!

Infact that free version, as I see things for the moment, would be a couple of online novel levels (they won't be in the game). It would be like a trailer by introducing the player to the world, giving him a taste of it but keeping the game content secret!

The game would be sold on Desura and maybe other downloading platforms. But I'm not really confident about having it on direct download. We might also make a Boxed version...
And maybe join an Humble Bundle (not for profit, just to get known and reviewed, that's for me the most important point)

That's what we project for the future in terms of publishing, oh and the game SHOULD be released before Christmas!!!!

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