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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Please be advised there are some technical issues that are being resolved, with the mission and the server. But the test server Is Online! Details included with a statement from the Team.

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Please be advised there are some technical issues that are being resolved, with the mission and the server. These issues may affect playability or even your ability to connect at all. Stay Tuned for more updates and please stay patient.
If you insist on commenting about a negative experience, please give some detail about your issue and share screens of the errors.


This announcement was made on VK today
Here is it's entirety....

good evening
Our team would like to share the important news, both for the community, and for the fashion and the project itself.
Today, we finally open access to our new and public PvP \ PvE servers.
We already have the main test site on the basis of the RP, where it is long and hard to get, unfortunately for the RP game, it is these methods that are needed otherwise, this game will not work.

But taking into account the increased interest of a fairly large community, which is more than the number of those who can afford to wait for the opportunity to get to the RP, we decided to listen to the fans of our project and open public servers where anyone can go, whoever has only a subscription to our mod in Steam.

The total number of servers will be 2, one for our Russian-speaking community, and the second one will be created specifically for English-speaking players, both will have the corresponding Russian and English-speaking administration.
Remember, though this is a PvP server and everyone is free to play as he pleases, but even here, you have the opportunity to collect artifacts, hunt mutants, go on trips, explore the Zone, communicate with other friendly stalkers and learn to do it all, Remaining alive in the face of increased danger.

Pay attention to the choice of your faction, because after joining to one of the parties, it will be already problematic to change over for another.

Also, do not forget that everything you can see at the moment is just a test site that was created partly to test its innovations by developers and partly, for our community, that it could pass the time, in anticipation of the release version of the mod and project , ArmStalker Online.

And already in the release version, there will be a plot, quests, the work on mutants, new anomalies and their impact, the map of the ChZO in 480 and many many others.

Also, do not forget, in case you have any questions, you can always write in the community of Role Players on Facebook and get the answer in the shortest possible time.

Well and certainly before joining to our open servers, study their rules.

► Addresses of servers:

►►► EN / RU server
►►► port 2220

►And of course, do not forget that for the game, you need to connect to the mode of the TFAR and be in the same room at the address:

►►► 9989

Guides to configure the TFAR available on youtube and TFAR's official site, teach a friend!

Pleasant game and good atmosphere, stalkers.
All the best.

P.S. Wanted to run 2 open servers, but the server machine can not cope.
/// "Will there be an English Server?"
We Don't Know at this time.

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LLIacTa Author

We are forced to suspend the PUBLIC server for a few days until the player initialization error (i.e. disappearance of the equipment) is corrected and the mutant logic is improved.

It will also be possible to select a faction at each visit. In case you have chosen your grouping from the last session, you are loading the old character.

Also, all this time will be spent on optimizing the mission.

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