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The public beta-3 release is released at October 2011

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BT mod Beta-3 build is released 11 Oct 2011
Download link
Hotfix link

For the newcomer mod players, WARNING: You should also install (or have installed) the DoW SS Advanced AI mod ver 3.2 before BT mod run.

If you get "can not activate a mod" error message, post the content of your "warning.log" file on relicnews forum (see the link above). Don't forget to use a "spoiler" tags.

What's new in Beta-3

- The mod Installer
- Custom music
- New backgrounds and map-loading screens
- Updated UI (more hero icons on UI )
- New sound placeholders (Courtesy of Thudmeizer and DA-mod team)
- Improved balance, based on feedback
- Improved Righteous Zeal behavior
- New AI tweaks
- Some old AE-errors finally fixed
- Some Melooo FoK's models updated
- Castellan Commander in TDA
- Damocles and Venerable Dreadnought became available in skirmish.
- Partial support by Objective_Points_SS mod (Proper flags on strat-points)
- BT auto-reinforce wincondition/rule for skirmish single-player

(29-aug-2011) fixes over beta3 internal test build (aka RC1):

- The "Orbital Bombardment" ability takes back (restore) its "Global Recharge" feature.
- BT Capellan's "Demoralize Shout" vanilla ability removed, but new 'special attack' added with the same effect.


13-nov-2011 fixes over beta3:

- Land Speeder Missile firing animation and damage fixed.
- Squad CAP "increasing" redefined.
- Skull Probe invisibility research restored.
- Emperor Champion resurrection health percentage reduced.
- BT auto-reinforce wincondition/rule updated
- Full support by Objective_Points_SS mod (Proper flags on strat-points, objective-points and relics)

- Updated icons set (WIP, made by STARS)


Current (06-jan-2012) fixes over beta3:
- New (lightweight) Tarantula Senty Gun will replace Heavy Bolter Turret emplacement
- Terminator's HP revised.
- New mod feature: Techmarines can slow repair Rhino's and Landraider while embarked.
- Damocles Command Vehicle bring new bonuses to its owner, so its req. cost increased also.

minor fixes:
- Initiate's model cloth part properly smothed
- Plasma Generator model generic markers restored

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