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In this patch, I added a Playable Onion Knight NPC that joins your party halfway through the storyline. There's Death Knights and Onion Knights added to the World Map random battles now too. Updated some battles to reflect current changes.

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- New NPC Job Onion Knight from WOTL added. One can join you and is fully playable. Find her!
- They have Innate Maintenance, Two Swords, Two Hands, Equip Change and can equip anything
- Boss Only spell Awaken is now 0 CT and added to Sinogue's skillset
- Zombie Zalbag gained Unholy Explosion & Deathstrike
- 3 Gate of Riovanes Hell Knights replaced by Marsksmen, HK Sprites adjusted for the last time
- Added Onion Knights and Dark Knights to several world map random battles
- END Divine Knight sprites changed to Death Knight sprites
- MLAPAN Oracle replaced by 8 Master Onion Knights
- Martial Arts JP cost up from 150 to 600

An Onion Knight in Formation Screen:


Onion Knight's Job Description:


Onion Knight's Ability to equip anything:


Death Knights in a Random:


More Death Knights in a Random:


Balanced (lol) Riovanes Gate:


Master Onion Knight in Deep Dungeon:


Master Onion Knight Team in Deep Dungeon:


New Free For All with Death Knights and Onion Knights:


Onion Knights in a Random Battle:


More Onion Knights in a Random:


Yojimbo_Beta - - 61 comments

Ah, random Death Knights. Should be interesting.

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fishar34 - - 1 comments

In order to master an Onion Knight you have to master:

1. Knight
2. Archer
3. Monk
4. Thief
5. Wizard
6. Priest
7. Time Mage
8. Summoner *
9. Oracle
10. Mediator
11. Geomancer
12. Lancer
13. Ninja
14. Samurai

I believe you do not have to master:

1. Squire/Onion Knight
2. Chemist
3. Sage
4. Bard
5. Dancer

*In order to master a summoner, you need to learn Zodiac from Elidibs at which point you'll be done with the game anyway, so whats the point?

Can anyone verify that this is accurate?

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suekru - - 1 comments

Sage? is this war of the lions version mod? ...cause i only have PSX version and theres no sage its called calculator xD but yea...

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