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Update Size: 854.5 MB

Recoil no longer prevents the player from turning.
Increased bullet speed for M4A1.
Bullets ricochet is now based on chance. Bullets never ricochet off Walkers/Humans.
Quad dismounting improved to avoid player falling though world.
Player can now flip the quad back to its correct orientation if upside down with ‘F’ key.
‘Esc’ key now exits the inventory if it is open. Otherwise, it opens the in-game menu.
Improved camera zooming and shoulder swapping (new system being tested, bugs may apply). The centre reticule no longer offsets when zooming in and out.
Improved object highlight selection system. Items now highlight when intractable (new system being tested, bugs may apply)

Building and Crafting
Foundations for buildings now have a floor so players can no longer get stuck in foundations.
Removed additional ‘[‘ symbol from looting popup
Building parts can no longer be placed if player is within the area of the item they are trying to place.
Intractable doors can now be placed in door frames.
Prior issue where doors could be rotated in their frame has been fixed.
Doors are no longer always green when trying to place them.
Only floors and foundations can be placed on the landscape.

Mercenaries health overall reduced.
Wonderers have improved reception to gunfire at distance and will walk to investigate the sound. Reduced cases were Wonderers slide towards the player.
Fixed issue where Wonderers would be unresponsive to the player in some places on Lockcrest Prototype level.
Adjusted geometry around Building 56 in Lockcrest Prototype level to improve the navigation of Wonderers in the area.

Fixed some cases where the game could load from an unsuitable save file.
Fixed an issue where campfire items would not appear after loading from a save file.
Optimised performance issues with several lights in Lockcrest Prototype Level.
Fixed issue where some materials which were not loading correctly and would appear grey.
Changed Anti Aliasing system to FXAA.
Added additional post-processing features on Main Menu background.
Main Menu background now has additional visuals.
Graphics settings no longer lose their default values.

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