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Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall just got the much waited Prototype 3 version online... And a cool trailer, with our own music!

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Paddle Wars fans, rejoice, Prototype 3 version arrived! First, the best thing about it, is the shiny new trailer:

Now let's see the list of new good stuff on this version:

  • Friction is back! No more balls going forever in the vertical axis...
  • It is a bit more clear when you are about to die
  • Again, we improved text rendering, soon we will have even smaller file-size as old pre-rendered texts are removed.
  • Some minor graphical improvements.
  • Fixed some minor bugs on the last level.
  • Completely revamped high-score screen, that to boot is less buggy.
  • After constant complaints, we made the game a bit easier (or, less impossible)
  • Xaimus music (yep, those awesome tunes full of effects) no longer freeze the gameplay
  • Actually, the new music engine, means that the game is much more stable
  • Bullets no longer collide with the player randomly, causing strange behavior
  • Options menu has more stuff on it.
And the greatest two new features:

First, the game now REALLY autosaves, if it crash (I hope it don't happen), or you lose electricity, or anything else nasty happen, you can fire-up the game again, press "resume game" and continue from the last level!

Second, a COMPLETELY NEW scoring system, that is WAAAAY cooler, and made the gameplay much more cool too, now there are reasons to do several cool things in the game, to reap several rewards... Also, this opened many strategy possibilities, there are now several ways to achieve high-scores, ranging from doing stuff carefully to destroying everything in the screen like a mad-man, please, share your strategies in the forum (here in IndieDB), and say your opinion, so we can balance the game better for you!

Also, I learned how to add those nifty "share" icons, please, click on them! :D

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

I like the idea of it all, but i'm not sure it's really suited for pc. I would kinda prefer it as a mobile game think would be pretty popular.

Looking good so far though nice art-style.

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Original_Speeder Author
Original_Speeder - - 32 comments


For iPhone or other small screen mobiles, it would not work unless I made some serious design concessions (because of the small screen, and the /need/ of touch, and thus more stuff getting in your way on the screen).

For iPad is feasible, but I don't own a Mac or a iPad, and at the current rate I will be only able to buy them in ten years... :/

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