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Prologue to the storyline of Aterweald: Witch Hunt.

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Hello! I've written a prologue to the story of my upcoming horror game Aterweald: Witch Hunt.
I hope you will enjoy it!


It were good times, it were bad times. Good people have been slaughtered and evil men have been murdered.It was a land of darkness, it was time of foolishness.Believers and infidels, infidels and believers. The story will take place in a small village, located somewhere in the lowlands of Aterweald.No living soul will tell you, but in this exact village, thirty years ago, was hiding Isadora.A witch or a charlatan, tell a man this name and you will see the fear and anger in his eyes.The rumour says that Isadora was hiding for a while in the nearby forest, feeding from village's animals.However, dark times came, children began to disappear and heroes appeared.It didn't took a while until someone claimed to have slain down Isadora.Time passed and no one would ever talk about this, or will they?It is about time for something quite peculiar to occur in this secluded village.

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