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Hi everybody, here I present my game development progress, Mecha vs Mecha game for mobile.

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Hi everybody, here I present my game development progress,
I am developing this game for mobile, and currently my target platform is Android.

For now I don't have any official name for this game yet, but let's call it Projek No.2,
Here you can build a mecha and join an online pvp match, battle other player and hopefully win the match, ofc!.

The game itself was inspired by Armored Core, Front Mission 3 and Another Century Episode,
you can change and upgrade any part, and assembly those parts to build a badass mecha ever!,
but be careful you have limited weight and power for each part.

The game engine I use for this game is Unity (Originally using Unreal 4 in early development), and the online match making for PvP powered by Gamesparks.

Switchable Mecha Frame: (WIP)
> Fighter frame. (done)
> Titan frame. (half done)
> Grasshopper frame. (WIP)
> Quad frame. (WIP)
> Hover frame. (WIP but I dont think this one necessary, because all of the other frames can fly)
>? Orbital frame. (rrrr.....)
>? G..... frame. (...r...r..)

Switchable Mecha Parts:
> Head
> Body
> Right Arm
> Left Arm
> Leg
> Backpack / Thruster / Wings

Weapon: (WIP)
[Range Weapon]
> Gun solid bullet (TYPE: Piercing)
> Gun laser (TYPE: Beam)
> Riffle solid bullet ( TYPE: Piercing)
> Riffle laser ( TYPE: Beam)
> Machine Gun solid bullet (TYPE: Piercing)
> Machine laser (TYPE: Beam)
> Shotgun solid bullet (TYPE: Impact)
> Canon solid bullet (TYPE: Fire)
> Canon laser (TYPE: Beam)
> Missile (TYPE: Fire)

[Melee Weapon] (WIP)
> Knuckle Glove (TYPE: Impact)
> Sword metal (TYPE: Piercing)
> Sword laser (TYPE: Beam)
> Shield (TYPE: None), the shield will block any type of attack but has coverage area limit.

There will be no AI for this game, so maybe there is no offline mode once it released, I suck at creating a good AI behaviour and I believe other player as opponent
will definitely provide a more exciting experience.

The game mode for this early development (WIP)
> Free 4 All : Eliminite other player to win the match (6 player).
> Capture the flag : Group vs group battle, capture the flags and kill members of the opposing group to gain score,
the group with a greater score will win the match (5 vs 5).

[Current Progress]
> Creating a new shader that suits my needs, Unity's standard shader kinda slow on mobile and Unity's mobile shaders do not support the maps I need to display. (done)
> Creating an offline workframe for testing. (half done)
> Creating asset to replace current city building asset(White City from Unity asset store), with more performance friendly on mobile. (WIP)


Screenshot from android device:

img customization1

img customization2

img ingame

Screenshot hi-poly mecha model

img blender2

img blender

What you see here is still dummy, I will gradually replace them with better asset.

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