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Watch me set deadlines so I can push them back later!

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Hi All,

It's been a busy month here starting up Siege, as I learn HPL's coding system and work on my mapping. I'm projecting being done by April, but as I've still got voice actors, three maps, and a lot of design and scripting to do, the date is likely to move.

By way of introduction: Siege is an Amnesia custom story that builds off the Amnesia mythos, although it only tangentially involves the original characters and follows an original story. Set in the early nineteenth century, Siege begins in the aftermath of a siege on Brennenburg Castle, as a servant who hid during the castle's sack searches for survivors. As you continue, however, the true story of the castle unfolds: A story of horror, friendship, and betrayal.

It is intended to be an atmospheric, story-driven game, with some of the puzzle elements of Amnesia.

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