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Hello guys,for a long time I did not release on moddb and generally diaries so here it new dev diary! I hope you will like it and also don't forget to share with others! 

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"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

--Abraham Lincoln--

America stands as a land divided. Seceded states, big and small, tear ugly gashes into the landmass of America. They are at peace now, but the will to reunify the land is in all of them, and that will is one of iron and blood.

220px Flag of the United States

The old “United States” order

(20th century)

In 1929, The Great Depression hit the USA with the collapse of the New York Stock Markets and widespread bank closures the following year, and it did not take too long to spread around the globe. This was a catalyst which caused Hitler’s rise to power in the Weimar Republic and the key starting point of World War 2, as nations scrambled to find solutions to their economic issues. The American people have confidence in their country and its democratic institutions causing the depression to quickly lessen in the USA with the government encouraging increased spending and public works. America was on the road to recovery and trusted its former allies to deal with any threats in Europe, and with plans like the WPA from the Progressive FDR and his cousin Teddy, who survived his illness and founded the Progressive Party which FDR was now the leader of. The American recovery would be interrupted by the Munich Conference. Angered by the apparent violation of the 14 Points, the American people were shocked by this disregard of international law, quickly causing the American political balance to completely disappear as radical factions got more and more support by the people. This eventually manifested in the rise of the Progress Party, supported by the Roosevelts, and with MacArthur at its head. "Neo-Progressivism" was the new ideology, with more modern conservative and interventionist ideological ideas, with many politicians from both parties flocking to it. The American giant started to wake, drafting started while new ships were launched, and the first intervention in the Pacific and Europe took place in 1940 to fight fascism alongside the Allies, even if the new regime has a tendency to see the Soviets as more "direct, and more rational than the Brits", according to the Secretary of State Cordell Hull. However, they still had reservations about Stalin.

WW2 ended in 1944 with the Soviet Union joining in 1941. Against all expectations of England and France there was no standoff between the USA and USSR, as MacArthur was replaced with Truman, who did not want to have the Russians feel antagonized, but who still favoured containment. However, in 1946 Stalin was found dead in the Kremlin, assassinated by an agent trained by the newly founded CIA who was ordered by the government to kill Stalin and replace him with someone more open to dialogue and pro Neo-Progressive! The plot was successful and they found a replacement, who favoured cooperation with the West. The USA and USSR worked together to increase peace throughout the rest of the century, and respected each other’s spheres. The US got involved in many proxy wars, and also experienced a political shift: the Party had an internal split: the so-called “Interventionist Conservatives” became the Democratic-Republican(Neo Republicans), and the “Neo-Progressives” became the Progress Party.

flag in low

The New Order

(21st Century)

After a long period of in-party instability, the Progress Party split in full, allowing for the rise of the militarist Confederative Union. The Detente was broken in 2020, when the USA accused the Soviets of attempting to break up the CGN Network Market, the main exchange for the Western World. This started a 4-way build-up of tensions. The PRC, EU, USA, and Soviets all experienced a period of build-up of military assets. It is in this time that the first signs of the fall of the old order. When the buildup of US assets cost too much money to the US economy, the markets imploded into a new great depression. The USA, in the ensuing scramble, hastily declared itself the Union Of American States, with several breakaway states and some North American ones taking part in the Union. Now, with the US economy finally recovering, they plan on reintegrating the lost territory into a new empire, led by Schumer Salazar, the Eternal One, Corey Booker and Taylor Adams that control Atlantic Federation and other states. But so do the other states…

Map of the "Union"

Current Situation in Union 2060

Some new national ideas for Atlantic Federation.


Little Focus tree

Desktop Screenshot 2019 02 08   1

Timeline of the “New Order”

Formation of the New USA (The New Federalist Party came to power during the elections) (2036)

The turmoil of the Cold War led to many believing that the old order should be replaced. As people abused their freedoms, rioting wanting the cold war to end, in the midsts of the crisis the people started rallying under Schumer, a leader willing to ‘stand up’ for the people in these dark times, sadly later he turned out to be an authoritarian leader. Abusing the revolutionaries anger he promised to end the Cold War and get America back to glory, the dictator’s party took control of America in the 2036 elections, marking the end of American Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.

Pacific States declare their independence during the "Western Crisis" on the West Coast. (December 2038)


Flag of the Free Pacific Confederation during "Western Crisis" 2038

The Pacific States of America (PSA), also known as the ‘Old Order’ by the Federalist Party, declared their independence in the onslaught of the Federalist takeover of all the State’s rights in the country, with the US economy crippled the PSA saw their chance, the war/riot, known as The War of Integrity, was a 1 year riot in the States bordering the Pacific Ocean, with their Freedoms and Liberties being stripped away the Governours of the States saw no other choice but to break away and as they call it, ‘Keep the Ideas of the America of old’, with no Firm control and millions of people rioting the Federalist party in order to keep the riots from spilling over to other states, the Federalists reluctantly let them go.

riot by hobo the dinosaur d1hvt

Map of the independent Pacific Region

Desktop Screenshot 2019 02 08   1

Treaty of Denver, Pacific nominally under control of USA (January 22th 2039 by USA)

It was only one year after the ‘War of Integrity’ and the the American continent was under an invasion of Foreign influence, both the PSA and Atlantic Federation were worried by this ever growing influence, what finally was the straw that broke the Camel's back was the Cyborg attack on Detroit, where 8000 civilians died, due to foreign agents. It is unknown from which nation they are, but even so the PSA and USA put aside their differences and signed the treaty of Denver, the treaty stipulates that the PSA will be under the control of the USA again, they are however allowed to keep their original rights and control, and is also called a Autonomous region of the USA, the Military and economy however will be integrated.

Detroit Crisis. (November 10th 2039)

The Detroit Crisis was a massive attack on the robotics present in the City, Robots and people with cybernetic implants were hacked, people without any warning were suddenly assaulted by their own Robots, it was not even a fight, it was a slaughter. The attack lasted 20 minutes, but those 20 minutes were enough to kill over 8000 people. The Military re-took control over the Robotics but also deployed Military personnel and VTOL planes to attack the robots in the 20 minutes that it took to retake control. The attack turned out to be done by an ultra socialist organisation set up by foreign powers in the moment of weakness during the economic slump.


Sign "Pact Of Washington" in January 2040 and Formation of Dixie, Washington and Workers protectorates in December 2041.

End 2039, it was another year of chaos ahead for the USA. The Washington Order an organisation based on mega Corporations whose main produce is research and Naval ships, who have stayed loyal to the Old US Government due to the grants given and high Autonomy, however with the change in leadership they felt threatened and after the PSA formed they too wanted to move to total independence. And like that a domino effect happened, the largest industrial area in the USA saw an opportunity to further exploit their capitalist system. Having the largest industry and the highest density of people in the USA they were the heart of the US economy, but with laws protecting workers with minimum wage and certain rights they could not further their profits, this all changed quickly however, using the change in leadership as rouse they also declared their independence from the USA, removing any and all socialist elements from their newly formed nation, now finally free they can exploit their workers to their heart's content. After which the southern states also known as the Dixies declared their independence the USA was shell shocked by the speed at which states broke away, with the Southern states being the last straw, the entire military loyal to the new Government was mobilised and drove the Dixies all the way to Louisiana, after heavy fighting they were finally forced to Sue for peace. The Other 2 States that broke free released the situation they were in and asked for a conference with the US government on January 2040, The Pact of Washington was formed, it stated; that the 3 regions will enjoy higher Autonomy like the PSA but still fall under US protection, also allowing their own army to a certain size, but also pay 33% of their income to the Federal Government.

USA forming Canadian Provinces (2046)

United States (Atlantic Federation before 2057), after the Pact of Washington began a new era for the United States of America, with the new great depression is ever ongoing, the United States of America organized the first conference of the “Union of USA” in 2044 which made the Washington Brotherhood, Workers Protectorate and PSA come together and debate on the issue on how to elevate the USA’s economy, there suggestion was none other than war! The US seeing it as a viable option accept this and starting to developing operation “North Eagle” which in detail planned out the invasion of Canada, in 2046 they attack canada, the war was going 2 months, with advanced strategy of USA called “Eagle Blitz” after that very quick war they signed peace treaty of “Montreal” and created new puppet called “Canadian Provinces”.

2060: Canadian government wasn’t loyal to Atalantic government and begining to form coaslition against Atlantic Confederation.


USA declare war against Mexico, makes it a protectorate (2049)

In 2048 the plan to attack, was created Same tactic as in Canada, conference, but now Mexico surrender, they are afraid from the new power in America and signed pact of “South Eagle” that usa suggested: USA puppeted Mexico.

Formation of Central Caribbean States under US influence (2054)

Second conference of the “Union of USA”, US wanted to united the on their opinion “chaotic” countries in caribbean and central america to one union, central american states was accepted this offer (because of fear, economic problems,and sec great depression) and created central american states and after usa puppeted them under their power, but caribbean region refused (especially cuba and dominican), usa attacked them and quick annex cuba island, and dominicans, other countries accepted offer of USA, after 1 month of war the losing side signed treaty of “Carribean Union”, all caribbean countries joined to central american states and formed. The union was stabilized by USA and strong hand of one of the puppet leader named “name here”. In 2060 the union seems strong but not in so stability like was 6 years ago, the union can blown up in every moment...

USA finishes plans for Manifest Destiny and forms Union Of American States (Mexico, all protectorates in America and Canada, Central Caribbean included in 2057)

Each state, when the time was right, would try to prove it was the legitimate state to become the new centre of the reformed USA, until then, they are part of a Economic Union.

Desktop Screenshot 2019 02 02

Union of American States

USA democratic

Atlantic Federation

The last bastion of the Constitution, the Atlantic Federation leads the Union Of American States, and is moving forwards with its plan to unify the USA and become #1 world power. They are stricken by poverty, depression and fear of foreign takeover. Only a capable leader will guide them to destiny. The only question left is how…

Desktop Screenshot 2019 02 08   2



Workers Protectorate

The detroit crisis... Many of the Labor Unions in America have fiercely fought for independence, and that was no different during the collapse. A Social Democratic nation was established in the Rust Belt, however, radical socialists constantly plague the nation. POverty is at an all time high and many are calling for the end of capitalism. It is ruled by the Union Cyborg, a modified union leader who has the uncanny ability to compromise between Workers and the Union. Can he find a way to solve the small state’s issues?



Washington Brotherhood

The Washington Order is one giant, computerized megalopolis, with large reactors, space stations, and research banks. The factories are so dense there, and population so intense, it is the most valuable tract of land in the world. It is led by the Technocrats under Overlord Booker, and has agents everywhere, trying to organize a reunification, under a New Order, with their doctrine of utopia. However, the rich and dark underworld of the nation and the shady actions of the brotherhood cast a pall over the state. WIll they choose domination or destruction?

Desktop Screenshot 2019 02 08   2



Pacific States

During the fires of the rise of the New Federalist Party, members of the old order, the former Progress Party, fled West. Inspiring the always raucous Californians into revolutions, the Pacific States rose up. The US military was still being rebuilt, after losing much of its stockpile to the Washington Order. The US had no choice to accept, but when the PSA’s Navy seceded, forming the Naval Junta, the PSA decided to call a conference with the Atlantic Federation.The Treaty of Denver stipulated that the PSA was still part of the USA, but the USA was dead until a solution “that could meet the needs of the people” could be made. The new administration still has a lot of political turmoil to sift through if it wants to unify the USA. The PSA is up and coming though, with a rising economy, a global tech industry, and stable elections. It is the last bastion of the USA’s traditions.




New Dixie

The smallest and most dangerous member of the “UAS - Union of American States” that in southern Louisiana, however they are the most nationalist of all union members, many nationalist and neo fascist movements are in this state and of course they are not so loyal to atlantic authority, and here the question: new dixie could achieve greatness in USA? or their fate is disappear from the face of the earth? Who know...only future….

That's it, i hope you liked it, soon will be dev diary about new mechanic.

Have a good day!

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