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Project War is a concept mod in active development. Many of the key elements are in place, and I'm looking for new team members to fill some creative roles.

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I am currently not working on this mod, I had too many projects on the go and had to drop something. One day I will come back to this...


I am currently looking for active members to help me with the following content creation tasks for the upcoming new mod Project War (working title):

  • AI programmer, to develop a realistic squad-based combat AI. The AI will fight alongside human players, focus heavily on staying in cover, staying alive, and following orders. I will help with design of the decision-making process, and the work will involve writing a scripted entity from scratch with Lua - a fairly self-contained task.
  • I need a skilled 2D artist to revamp the HUD icons, menus, etc. This is not a ton of work, I just need someone with more creative talent than I, and experience with transparency is a must.
  • 3D artist, for weapon and player models. The mod is currently using slightly modified models from CSS. Starting from these, we will need to prepare at least 4 weapons, add scopes, and possibly work with the animations. This is not a lot of work from the get-go, I just need someone to manage the models as things need adjustments.
  • Sound artist, to find some realistic weapon sounds. CSS sounds aren't going to cut it. We will need strong ambience in the map, and weapon sounds will harshly cut the silence with realistic, loud cracks that vary with distance and LOS. General footsteps and rustling noises are also needed, as well as some voice acting.
  • I need a mapper to improve the current map. I have built a cookie-cutter development map with buildings and open areas, and I will need a talented mapper to go over the entire space and make it look as realistic to modern-day Iraq as possible. The theme is a fairly structured and open outdoor area, so ground, roads, and exterior building textures are the key elements.

I'm looking to get this mod up and running very quickly. There will be one map and just a few weapons. Basically the idea is to get the game concepts implemented and tested, and in order for the concept to be believable I need a small set of supporting content to be of high quality. The future of the mod will be determined by the success of the alpha, which hopefully, with some help, we can release in the next few months.

Please visit my ModDB page for information, and email me at if you are interested in joining the team.


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