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New info will come regarding the next steps for the game.

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Greetings hikers and explorers of Utgardr, how are you?

I had to take some time for myself, since i was really busy mostly developing the game and also for some in real life things.

The Kickstarter campaign has not been funded, but do not worry... this has been a fantastic experience for me and for the rest of the team.

What's next so? Since this situation will delay the release of the game, we are working to create a new roadmap that will let you understand the next steps for Project Utgardr. Stay tuned here on Indie DB, on our 🎮 website and socials so.

Anyway the game roughly will be released in the Q1 2023 for Pc and Mac and it still is going to land on Consoles in the Q4 2023.

We are at the end of this update and as last words i really want to thank all the people that supported this project on Kickstarter, but also over the socials where we docked!

Speaking to the Kickstarter supporters, your support has been really cool for us even if we are small in numbers. As i wrote, it does not matter. We will try again, in case we will get more attention from people. So really thanks again for your pledges in this campaign.

As a taoist once said: "You can learn 1.000 lessons from a defeat, but only 1 from a victory."

Thanks also to all the persistent and talented people that joined this project, from the very start till now and that want to help to create something beautiful.

So i can only wish you all the best in the meantime and remember you to be present at the next update.

Oh, well as reminder you could try the Demo we released on Steam and on the other stores. So we can get feedback on it.

Regards, the Utgardr team...

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