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A quick project update and what we hope to bring to you by the end of the summer holidays.

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Hey guys, longtime no update hey! My exams have finished and i have all the free time in the world at the moment, besides work commitments.

The mod hasn't seen much development since Janurary this year due to my schooling but we have a number of things we would like to complete over the next couple of weeks. These are the things:

  1. Complete Coding of Cylon Faction- We want to finish the cylon faction coding before the end of next week so that we can balance it with the Colonial side.
  2. Start and possibly finish effects art- We want to possibly finish the effects art by the end of July ready for an Alpha and Beta release in August.
  3. Complete Coding of Galactic Conquest Map- This will include the new planets and their positions for the release of the mod.
  4. Brush up on Graphics- Hopefully im going to take a look at the graphics this week just to make them better in some aspects and change some things.

This is what we hope to achieve by the end of the coming weeks, but we do have some things which wont be able to be completed until we get a Mapper on board.

V1 of BSG at War will only contain space combat until we can develop the ground aspects of the mod, currently the team lacks the skills of a good mapper, there is a position open for a SPACE mapper more than anything, but they must be able to make effective use of props and new skydome maps to make effective looking BSG maps.

Anyway i want to get some public input at the moment. The Galactic Conquest map currently contains 22 Colonial Based Planets, both from Old and New Series, and the Cylons only have 3 currently. We are looking to add at least another 9-13 planets for the Cylons, but because there is a large lack of information about planets we want the public to make some names of cylon planets for us. All names that are given will be considered for the mod and we will use upto 13 planet names if we get a good response. So lets get those names flowing in.

Next week i hope to have something exciting to show you!

This is just a simple news update to let you guys know that we are back on the case of the mod, and HOPE, thats a big HOPE to have a release for you Mid August.



P.S Currently having server trouble so website is not available

RandomAsianPro - - 476 comments

CYLONIA xD idk lol, anywayz sounds like you guys have a plan! GoodLuck Looking forward to it :)

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gabrielvlx - - 353 comments

Thats not a bad name. LOl/ i like it.. very um... cylony. lol. well am guessing you have Asteroid belt that housed the colony. How about a second one? like for research and development. and name it. CL-53.. a number system for there planets names. As they had numbers for there model. I do see them naming there planets like that too. Anyone ever notice.. 12 colonies 12 cylon model? :p

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Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

I was thinking the moon we soo Columbia killed over during the first cylon war, since all we know is its an ice moon... how bout "Thule"
Its an island in the north somewhere orignally noted by a Ancient Greek exporer. It was meant to be in the far north, so therefor itd be cold...
how that for a Cylon planets name?

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Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

i did some looking into planets and locations in the BSG universe... enjoy

Colonial Space

Other mentioned colonial locations (could be neutral/pirate)
Ragnar Station
Armistice Station

Cylon Worlds
Cylon Colony
Cylon Homeworld
Cylon Resurection Hub
Earth (13th tribe)

Possible Neutral/Pirate planets
Path To Cylon Earth then New Earth
Hudson Sector
Red Moon
Star Cluster
New Caprica
Algea Planet
Korax Nebula
Ionian Nebula
Sol (or Earth 2 at the end of RDM)

theres more, but these are the main ones

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byron_rees Author
byron_rees - - 259 comments

We have most of those planets for the colonies, its Cylon that we need

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Invctus - - 13 comments

Will this mod also include land combat, or just space?

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byron_rees Author
byron_rees - - 259 comments

Land in later versions

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Invctus - - 13 comments

Awesome! You guys are doing a fantastic job already, and I think it'd be great to pit Galactica's black-clad marines against Centurions (without stormtroopers scurrying around the battlefield) :)

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byron_rees Author
byron_rees - - 259 comments

At the moment im really the only guy working on the mod, i need help. If you know any Modellers, Texture Artists, Mappers or Graphics Effects Artists tell them im looking for somone to help me do the mod.

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Invctus - - 13 comments

I don't personally know this guy, but he made an excellent total conversion for Forces of Corruption, turning it into the Clone Wars. Maybe you could ask him? He also lists a lot of other people who helped him out, maybe they could do the same for you...
Email (taken from his mod page):
Mod Page:
Go to and search Clone Wars mod. The guy's username is nett40

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ace123yeah - - 205 comments

I would agree with gabrielvlx that the cylon planets should be numbers and such just like all the skin jobs had

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StormOfRazors - - 82 comments

Just remembered off the old series, the cylons had gamorei {{forgive spelling}} from living legends pt 1 and 2, and camilon (saga of a star world's)
They also controlled that planet off 'gun on ice planet zero' but i forgot its name, ill look into it. They also had Cylon, their capital.

Off the new series, you've got new caprica, the mining refinery off 'the hand of god' [just give that a random name] and kobol.

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