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A quick update about what's been happening with the Rise of the Phoenix mod.

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Hello Bond fans,

First things first, I apologise again for not yet releasing the demo mission of the mod. I really want it to be the best it can, however I feel it's unfair to keep prolonging the wait, so have decided that for Nightfire's 18th birthday/anniversary on the 18th November, the demo shall finally be released in whatever state it's in. That's precisely four weeks as of writing this update today (21st October) which I feel gives me enough time to work on it, sort out the major bugs, and anything else I feel needs doing for it to be playable.

I also thought it would be cool to release the main mod on Nightfire's 20th anniversary in 2022, which is so wild to think it's almost two decades old, and I hope people will still be playing it then. Originally I did think I might release each mission separately once completed, instead of having to wait a very long time for them all to be finished, so if that is possible before November 2022 I still might, and then for the anniversary I'll release them all together in one final complete package, but we're a long way from that currently and getting the demo sorted is my top priority.

If you've stuck with the mods development I thank you for being so patient, and really hope you enjoy playing it once you can :)

That's all for now, stay safe Bond fans :)



No, Thank you. For not giving up

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