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What would you think if Timeless War becomes a stand-alone game? How would you name it?

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Hey guys,

for the past year this mod was inactive and I deeply apologize for this as well as for the following. Timeless War will not be released as a mod for C&C3; anymore. The reason is simple: C&C3; is a good game, but really old by now and its engine is, as I explained in previous postings, very very limiting. So I tried to find a new suitable engine with proper potential again and again and hopefully I found the solution: Unity3D.

What do you think?

For the past month I am learning how to program in C# and made good progress so far. I created an advanced selection system and the foundation for an XML based data-base like you know from C&C3;, but without the compiling process. Its fun programming your own code in C# and its fun to see your own game grow. The project name for this game is Timeless War Unity3D. However, I think about changing the final name, but I am still collecting ideas.

How would you name the game?

At the same time I am working on my G3 (Generation 3) models. The latest 5 pictures I posted last year - they show units of the Pandora Forces - are some of the first attempts, they will be updated a little bit. But also the Asen will get completely new models and textures as well as the third faction, the Chrono Force Alliance.

I guess I can show some further progress in later updates. For now, I will continue posting on my mod page unitl I have enough stuff to create an Indie game page on ModDB. Thank you guys for your trust and patience. :-)


right way, maybe) but be careful, most of the guys jumping from modding to programming is have a chance to never end their games.

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There is a lot of suitable names for this game I think...preseving something from original name you could call it just Timless.. it doesnt sound bad I think :D

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my best wishes, master!

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nice to hear that you are still working on the Mod / Indie Game :)

some Ideas for the Game name:


Parallel Universe at War

Earths clashes

collision of Time

Technomagic warfare

extra terrestrial War

Tale of Mythology and ScyFy

Gods vs Aliens

maybe there is a name which you like :)

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Medusa_Zenovka Author

Thank you for your ideas, but these names dont really match or sound promising. Since Im a huge C&C fan, I wanted to find a name that can be shortened to C&C without violating EA's copyrights. Afterall most of my gameplay inspiration comes from C&C games throughout its history.

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