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Fresh news about roleplaying project RULE: inventory and modeling.

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Hi, friends! Max is here.

This sunday i'm glad to tell you about my progress during last week. This week was really hard for the whole project, because i had to recover all lost data. The great thing is, that i managed to do it, and all stuff, that was lost, was made once again, and now game is even better than it was before. That's great, of course!

So, let sunday news begin!


The first thing i made this week was inventory. In the very beginning of the game the player will have no bag for items and no belt for using quick slots. You have to craft it, using different types of materials, that he or she can get. For example, if you have no belt at all, there will be only 2 quick slots - for right and left hand.

Inventory v 0.042
Inventory window

Also, the maximum number of different items in single slot will depend on type of the item. For example you can carry only five camomiles in single slot, but the maximum number of the strawberries in the same slot will be ten. And of course this number will depend on your endurance and strength skills.


I've started to work on some models in Blender, and the first thing i made were players hands. Inspite of fact, that i've never worked with 3D modelling before, my first experience, i hope, was a little success. I also animated my models and they look pretty good after that. Screenshots below shows the progress, but it's static and you'd better watch video demonstration in the end of this post;)

Hands model (v. 0.042)

Today i also made camomiles model

Camomile model (v 0.042)

and made player put it in hands.

Full inventory (v 0.042)

So, hope you like all this new stuff:)
And now let me ask you sunday question.


Do you like rabbits?:)

As ususal, leave your comments and next week you'll see the model of some new evil monster...;)
And don't forget to watch bonus video about all new features in one place!


Hope, you like it as much as i am:)
Thank you all, that you're staying with RULE:) Watch for new updates and see you next sunday:)

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