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Some fresh new about RULE. New features: sprint, exploration, day & night cycle, building. Question of the week.

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Hi, friends!
The whole week passed after last time we met. I've add into RULE some new features, that i'm glad to introduce you. So, let's go!


Yes, sprint is only one small piece of the whole game, but from the beginning i decided to make all gameplay elements useful, not just for the sake of appearance . Sprint depends on agility and endurance skills, and energy goes down, when you run faster. If your endurance is high, energy restores faster, and goes down slower, when you sprint.


When you collect something in the world, you'll get some EXP foe that. All things, that you can collect, depend on your NATURE and ANIMALS skills. For example, you found some flower, when your level was 0 (Yes, starting level is 0).

Exploration (v 0.04)

As you can see, when your character has no experience and nature knowlwdge. The flowers will be only "Unknown flowers" and nothing more. But, when your level is up

Level Up (v 0.04)

You already will know, the name and qualities of the flower. And if your Perception stat and Nature skill are high, you'll see useful objects from the distance.

Exploration (v 0.04)


I've been working several days and nights long to make believable day&night cycle. Though, i didn'd add clouds in the sky yet, it looks pretty good.

Sunset (v 0.04)

Night (v 0.04)

Starsky (v 0.04)

Sunrise (v 0.04)


The building system is very familar to Minecraft, but i want, that in my game the player will think hard before build something. When you're planning some building, you can make an carcas of it, just to look, how the finished structure will look like. In the planning mode you set the special cubes, that I called PlanCubes. It' easy to destoy them, unike finished material.

Building System (v. 0.04)
Plan mode

When Plan Cube is set, it turns blue, to let player know, that he can build something in that place. By holding "E" button Plan Cube turns into some material.

Building System (v. 0.04)
Plan cube is set

And viola! Your box is built!

Building System (v. 0.04)


The following video demonstrates all new features in one place.

That was all, that i had to tell you about the progress, i made.
I decided to inform you about the whole developing progress every sunday, so please stay with RULE. Also i want to ask you a question every sunday about different game features, to make them better.

How would you prefer to save your game? Classic way, different slots or one slot with force save or maybe save only in your home/bed? Please, leave your comments and answers to make RULE better!

So, friends, that was all for now. I hope, you're enjoyng it as much, as I am:)
See you next time!

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TechAdvice - - 3 comments

I can't believe you've done all this in around two weeks. It looks like it's going to be a great game, and I love the idea of updating us on the progress of the game every Sunday. Do you have any rough idea when the game will enter alpha? Also, I think different slots would be nice so you could save the game even if you weren't near a bed. :)

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Cyfieithydd Author
Cyfieithydd - - 137 comments

I want release alpha soon after i will create first enemy, just to add some action, it will be in two weeks +/- day, if all goes according to my work plan. I dont want to show anythig bugged etc. Watch for updates))

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