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Hey ALL! As i said before on 07-08-2010, 12:37PM at Forums > Community Creations > Rune Co-op On@g@ Rune Hov Co-op>LINK< I WORK ON A NEW COOP MOD :)

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Hey ALL!

As i said before on 07-08-2010, 12:37PM at Forums >
Community Creations > Rune Co-op On@g@ Rune Hov Co-op>LINK<

I will not bother you with any long text just note that i will update this page if i want to show
you new stuff.

Autor, Maper ect.: Onaga
Titel: Not known now
Release Date: Not known now
Online/LAN compatible: Yes/Yes
Players: only 2+ / no single play possible
Game difficulty: 2Player(Hard) 4Player(Normal) 4+Player(Easy)
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: maybe :P
New Objects, Scripts ect: Not known now

AND YEAH!!! There will be a lots of two player tasks! More than in Coop #1.


[07/03/11] Release of the BETA Startmap

I specialy show this map because it´s a realy cool idee and it tells
nothing about the story!
I make it to a DM Map and change the 2 player task. For a single play.
It´s just to visualize the upcoming work and it will be very helpfull for new

All you have to need is RuneHoV 1.08,
with "SongSnd.uax" and "VoiceOverSnd.uax"!
Texture is in my *.zip!
If you need it load this: [CLICK]

DM-Coop-StartMapBETA1byOnaga [CLICK]


[10/04/11] Some Pictures

The Picture i want to show you contain my Coop Maps that are to 80% done except of
Map 5 which is only at 60%.
Incidentally i work on the special *cough* yeah! ...bonus maps who still stay be secret.
But you can be aware that the storyboard will have 10 Maps without the bonus maps!

I hope you all know that i´am the once how work on this coop mod so please have sense
because i always give my best to prepare you and your friends to fun in
RUNE: Halls of Valhalla ;)

Enjoy the Pictures!


[02/09/11] New Info's & Pictures about the work....

Some new pictures of level six (6) which is entirely new to you
and one more pic for level one (1) to five (5).
Even when i do other things i can not keep my fingers from the RuneED...
so i script the most enemys,
all events / two player task's,
and the village in level two (2) which is only a quest map with lots of different characters.

Upcoming work:

-Most likely i have to change the lights completely at the checkpoints
because of texture bugs on the movers.
-Continuation of level six (6) in a second map - part one is not actually
the whole map and all the pictures shows approx. 30% of every map with bad light

[03/10/11] Release of On@g@s Rune Coop #2 - Official Trailer [HD]

A Trailer for the second coop!
Now you can see a very little bit of what is imminent to you!!!
Release Date of the coop is unknown... :( there is still damn much work)

Have Fun and do not forget to show your friends!!!
Feedback and opinions always welcome!! :)

On@g@s Rune Coop #2 - Official Trailer [HD] [CLICK]


(to be continued) date unknown...

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