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Though a series of unfortunate events, I have to put this project at a dead halt for awhile.

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Though a series of unfortunate events, I have to put this project at a dead halt for awhile. There have been a series of unfortunate events that have been happening in the past 4 months. I do not want to say what it is, but lets just say I have found deep passionate love of something that I care about so deeply. So much so that it has caused serious conflict with my family.

I will refrain from saying what this love and passion is (and you can guess all you want), I wont say for its private. This love has caused serious conflict with my family, so much so they have ridiculed me for it. Causing physiological and emotional pain as a result. And right now it is at the breaking point in my life to where I am seriously not happy in my life.

And its not just this deep love I found that caused this physiological distress. Not going into too much detail, lets just say that certain beliefs in how life should be in my parents point of view, have clashed against mine. To the point where it has damaged the creative drive I once had, to have that inspiration to be creative in either this project, or creating music or art, is now almost gone.

The conflict of how I view life and persuasion to go after something you love, and the deep passionate love I found that brings me so much joy and happiness, have caused too much damage and pain for me. As I said before, I am not happy right now. I need to try and fix this before it gets worse. And that is by seeing a therapist now, and try and re-building that joy for me, because its obvious my own family, does not accept the same joy I see in life, and that hurts the most. All of this has been a slow build up over the past 4 months, its at the breaking point now.

Its unfortunate I have to put this project on halt, but there are more important life things that I need to address before I continue on in this project. I hope you all can understand. And I thank each and everyone of you for still sticking by my side.

TheUnbeholden - - 3,612 comments

I understand.. I had a Chihuahua too once, or Fallout 3... whichever. Personal stuff has to come first. I'll be eagerly awaiting over the next few months for signs of life.

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DeXiaZ - - 974 comments

It's ok, I understand you! Do everything to be happy in Real Life ;)

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Stayd - - 144 comments

Take all the time you need. Nothing should be more important to you than your own happiness.

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