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The project for DARK is moved from the game, Half-life and the engine, Goldsrc to another engine and another game. Read more...

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I'm sad, really sad to say this, but I just take this as a better way for this mod. I wish all of you fans can also think like in my way, too.

DARK is now moved from Half-life to another game and from Goldsrc to another engine. Also, this is going to be a game, a standalone, free game.

A sad thing is that, DARK is only be developed in a late future. Very late, as we have so much time to pass on choosing the game, choosing the engine and learning them.

Out of all engines, here are some engines I would like using,

Source (used in Left 4 Dead, etc)
Unreal Engine 3 (used in Gears of War, etc)
ID tech 4
Unity 3D (used in Anna, etc)
HPL2 (used in Amnesia, updated one of the engine used in Penumbra)
Volatile 3D (used in Wolfram, engine dev kit not released yet)
Cry Engine 3 (used in Crysis)
RAGE - Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (Used in GTA 4, etc)

Source is the most less-exhausting engine to learn as it is based on goldsrc, and my pc also allows source engine to run on highest possible settings with no CTDs, lags and low fps.

Unity 3D and Volatile 3D will also be easy as they are a little simple, but not as Source. Also, my pc does not allow Unity 3D to run on highest possible settings without lags and graphical artifacts.

Cry Engine and RAGE are the most exhausting ones as they are really complicated ones, but if we understand those engines, the highest graphics, npc A.I system, real-time physics and many other features will be under our hands.

Well, I apologize all of you fans strongly for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


I say choose what your most comfortable with, but good luck with the rest of your development and such things.

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Unity 3D is easy to use.

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Well goodluck in your endeavors.

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