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Concept Artists Needed – 'Project Haven' a Half Life 2 Modification

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Project Haven is a Modification currently in development for Half Life 2. The modification is the spiritual successor to Sourceforts, a game played and developed by many of our current developers. Project Haven is a code name for what many refer to as Sourceforts 2.0 the mod however is far from the original Sourceforts concept and is a new mod in its own right.

If you are familiar with Sourceforts you’ll know that it allowed players to build their own base, during a build phase, on a fairly blank capture the flag map and afterwards duke it out for the flag in a combat phase. This approach had numerous problems which were irresolvable without moving away from the original concept. Project Haven engages itself to deliver fast-paced action game play combined with real time base building all in one “phase”.

Your Work
You will be responsible for designing concept art for the structures, level props and weapons, or at least one of them.

What we need from you
- A dedicated team member who is online multiple times a week, preferably on steam and IRC.
- An artist capable of not only producing his own concepts, but expanding on existing ones as well.
- A person willing to commit to this project and to be reliable.
- An artist recognizing that Art in videogames has technical limitations.

What we offer
We have an active development team, holding weekly meetings. We currently have 15 awesome and active developers, with 3 coders who have supplied us with a stable alpha build already including many of the games core features. A flexible art style allowing you to apply your own artistic flair to your creations. If you are interested please get in touch with me at bregtmeirsman[at]hotmail(dot)com.

Bregt “NocturnO” Meirsman

Sample image of one our maps, ph_underflow :



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A neat idea for Project Haven to work in base building in a single phase could be time built structures with base speed, while can be sped up using a engineer.

Maybe Pre-Built structures can be places and set up, like mini bunkers, sand-bag dugouts, etc. and take up a number of points compared to pieces.

Another idea is to have a system so players can customize how they want to build, so instead of pulling a block here and bringing it in here, it could be dropped from a command point (In a pod) and engineers can gather the pieces from a closer location... Pod could also for as a offensive drop to harm blocks and provide ammo use, but both sides have access them them if dropped too far (can be used against you and they get free blocks!).

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All blocks spawn in front of the player, with a time limit on spawning based on block type. Project Haven is going to be radically different from SourceForts as you know it.

Building will be streamlined, and more fast paced. We've considered some prebuilt stuff but I'm not sure it fits the gameplay, one of the key components of SourceForts was always the various unique forts that could be created and we'd like to keep that.

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What I mean in pre-built is actually a form of a shape for players to build bigger pieces together without manipulating so many smaller pieces...

And a Gmod's Easy Weld for spawning kind of function would be interesting as long as it follows certain rules:
1) Have to be close to a prop

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