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A new Open World Survival Horror game lurks by, and it's not zombies or PvP focused.

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You all might be wondering what the heck Project Frequency is, well to simply describe it, it's an open world survival horror heavily inspired by the Silent Hill series, the first 3 games especially. Which means, the game will retain an old school approach, it will be difficult, it will not help you and it will be extremely oppressive, a brief description of the game:

Project Frequency

- Open world survival horror heavily inspired by old school horror games such as Silent Hill / Resident Evil

- Hardcore difficulty, no hand holding, punishing gameplay, just like old times

- Survive and explore a non-linear open world, search for supplies while evading/fighting unknown entities and bizarre monsters

- Randomized loot system, every playthrough will be different

- Psychological horror at it's finest, no cutscenes, no linear storytelling, you will explore and uncover the mystery of what happened at your own pace. Combat is fast and brutal with enough depth to keep you hooked. Use a variety of melee weapons and guns to defend yourself.

The alpha will release by Monday/Tuesday, the Kickstarter will be pretty soon also!



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