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Discussing the possibility of an iOS version and how you can help.

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We are very interested in creating an iPhone and iPad version of Project Float so you can enjoy Buddy's adventures while you enjoy your own adventure as well. The problem is that the iOS exporter for the application I am currently developing "Project Float" in costs about $130. Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money at this time, but I'd like to be able to get it if you guys would really want an iPhone/iPad version and if you were willing to help me.

I've had a previous test on another mobile device of mine. This can be seen here:

As you can see in the video, exporting Project Float as a java file ended up as a total failure. Anyways, what I'm trying to show by that is if I can get enough to get that the only mobile device will be iPhone/iPad. Sorry.

How Can You Help?:
Well, obviously that is a large amount of a money for an indie developer who hasn't quite made any funds at all yet. I would create a kickstarter account, but I am not old enough to start a project. So, I'd like to ask you guys to help by donating straight to my paypal. I will keep a list of every email that donated to me, and when you create an account in Project Float's website. (not created yet) I will be sure to give you rewards including; special costumes exclusive to people who donate, closed beta's (of multiplayer, zombie survival.. whatever needs testing at the time), and discounted price/free Project Float PC and Project Create PC. (anything below 5 dollars donation will give you a discount to get them both for $0.99, anything above will give you both games for free) If i get a good amount of donations, I will be willing to purchase whatever's left.

You can find a donate button on my site (Project Float's previous website, Donation button's in the sidebar.)

What will be in the iPhone version:

  • Project Float and Project Create will be merged into the iPhone version.
  • Exclusive levels that uses the iPhone's touch screen and accelerometer.
  • iPhone related costumes to wear in-game.
  • Accelerometer and Touchscreen Controls.
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