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We at BlueSky Games are in need of some help for our game Project Float.

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Join the Project Float team:

Interested in the project? Have an idea that will better the game? Well, I'd like your guys' help. As with a demo coming soon, set to be released during SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo). I've come to the realization that if i worked on this game alone ( with the exception of a few friends who are helping ).. This game won't be as great as i want it to be. If i have to design all the levels, code all the enemies, and create all the cutscenes I will most likely end up rushing things. That's why I need you guys. I want to make this the best game I have ever made. So, if you have any game-creation related skill or talent and you would like to help out with this project please contact me or comment on this news page.

What We Need:
Although tons of help will be well... helpful. There are some specific jobs we are in the need. I will list these below in no specific order.

  • Level Designer
  • Music Composer (We have one, but he isn't available all the time)
  • Someone who can help promote/advertise this game.
  • Programmer (Has to be familiar with Multimedia Fusion 2)
  • Video Editor (For trailers, teasers, etc)
  • Voice Actors

How To Contact Me:
If you are interested in joining the Project Float team, you're probably wondering how you'd contact me and join. Well, if you are interested you can either send me a message, comment on this page, or send me an email at (Game's Email).

No actual talent in game creation, but still want to help? Well, you can help by telling people of this game. Hopefully you guys can get some more people interested in this project.

Also, you can download any released demos here.

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