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The lovely chickens found in the menu and hub world of Project Float will now have their own animation series on youtube. Also discussing a giveaway and how to be elligible to win. Also discussions about the 1.1 Update.

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Who is EpicChickenProject?:
EpicChickenProject is a new youtube channel that was created by a group of chicken lovers. (Not in a dirty way though) Their videos they post and favorite will usually contain something to do with chickens. BlueSky Games and EpicChickenProject have decided to join in order to have a miniseries containing the cute and wacky chickens. You can keep track of the series by subscribing and following their blog. The series will be a comedy about the lives of the chickens that live in the floating island of "Project Float". Many Project Float characters will make a cameo in this series as well.

How To Be Elligible (And Prizes): Prizes:

  • 1st Prize Winner (1 Winner) - Free Project Float on release, Free Betas (All) , and costume custom made by me for use in Project Float's Multiplayer.
  • 2nd Prize Winners (5 Winners) - Multiplayer Beta (When Ready) and a costume custom made for them for use in Project Float's Multiplayer.
  • 3rd Prize Winners (10 Winners) - Multiplayer Beta and a special costume. (Same costume given to all 3rd prize winners)

To be a part of the contest, you must subscribe to the EpicChickenProject's youtube channel and comment "Chicken Giveaway sent me here!" or "Project Float sent me here!". You can also be elligible by doing the same on this moddb page (by tracking the game and commenting what was said above). In order for prizes to be given out, there must be atleast 50 subscribers and 30 comments as stated above.

And last, but most importantly, the 1.1 demo update. Which you can download here. Also coming soon is 1.1 demo for Mac. So, if your a Mac owner stay tuned.

Version 1.1 Changelog:
• Changed Menu Appearance
• Cutscene A_1 Fixes
• Camera Fixes
• Faster Acceleration and Decceleration
• Higher Jump Strength + Higher Gravity
• Running Added (Double Tap Left or Right Arrow Keys)
• Leaping Added (Wider Jumps but No Double Jump)
• Debug Keys Disabled
• Level G_1 music replaced from nes_try.ogg to summergrass 2.ogg
• Added Game Over Screen

Please tell me your opinions and feedback. Found bugs and glitches are also appreciated. :)

Follow Project Float:

Thanks to Tastyrice of French Rice Games for letting me use some of his follow icons.

Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Soooo... I heard you guys like chickens?

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Tristanjmnz Author
Tristanjmnz - - 29 comments

:O awesome!

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Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Feel free to use :) Courtesy of French Rice Games
Hope you enjoy it.

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TacoKnight - - 37 comments

its back is made of Bacon o.O

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