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In this series of updates I'll document the development process of the game in detail, post timelapse videos of the work, and talk about some features...

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Hello everyone!

Stefano here and this is the 28th Project_BuildTutto Update! Even if this week changes could seem small, a lot of "under the hood" stuff changed and improved to make this work, and since this new feature push the game forward on the development progress I'm really happy about it!
This week I tried a little different format for the video, I grouped up two days inside one video to make the content denser of stuff and maybe less painful to watch... Let me know if you have any feedback about it!


The Assembler machine (Again)

In the past weeks I talked briefly about this machine, but I think that I didn't really went deep explaining what the plan for it was. Anyway, the initial idea for this machine was to simply have a machine that will craft anything you can craft with your hands but way faster to speed up production without hiring more guys. This is still one of its feature that will be added in the future weeks, but instead I wanted to work first on another important feature of this machine: the ability to links to pipes and work with them to craft objects that requires liquids or gases.


This is an important thing to note since it's one of the first machine that the player will encounter during the early game, which will allow him to craft important objects like early game fluorescent lamps to pass the (maybe too dark) darkness of the night.
This object is also an important one since it will make the player design the liquid/gas pipe system carefully to make sure that it will work correctly with the current flow of his guys.

Objects made with liquids/gases

The assembler could seem like an easy small feature, but to make it work I had to recode many parts of the codebase to be able to manage all the recipes that involved liquids and gases since those are objects required in the recipe, but that will NOT be transported by your guys like all the solid objects are.
Instead, the player will have to work to make sure that the liquid/gas is already present in the machine when it is required to allow guys to operate the assembler and craft the thing he want.


Early game progress

This feature, as I said before, it's a big step forward in the direction of having a "complete" early game experience. There is still a lot of things to do before reaching a playable state. Next week I'm planning on reworking part of the light renderer to allow different types of lights, and after that I want to finally start working on the fundaments system to improve greatly the feel and design process of creating the actual structure of the building that the player will create.
There are also many other points on the todo list, but slowly and surely I will address and complete them all!


Keep in touch

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