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In this series of updates I'll document the development process of the game in detail, post timelapse videos of the work, and talk about some features...

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Hello everyone!

Stefano here with the 24th Project_BuildTutto's Update! Quite a slow and steady week this one, I took two days off since I'm away from my usual working place and I had some stuff to do that kept me busy for those days. No timelapses neither since I was able to work non continuously and the stuff I did wouldn't have made great content for a video.So here you have this week's changelog:



(NB: The word and line count has gone down since I heavily cleaned a lot of code inside the WindowObject_ScrollableList and I removed many old lines)

Shader Improvements

Blurred Menus are now back online! After I created it few weeks ago I had to disable it since I discovered that the things I did lead to undefined behavior, and in C++ this usually means that bad things will happen if you ignore it. So I managed to rework it and improve the performance a lot by process a downsampled image of the frame instead of the full res one, giving roughly 75% reduction of execution time!



Smoother windows' animations

Windows has been tweaked and improved too giving them a nicer scaleIn and scaleOut animation smoother by the same constraint used by the guys' in their movements.


Also Library windows has been modified removing the right panel.

Object selection menu improvements

This menu is still ugly as hell, but now has a bit more functionality that will let the player select a resource in the level and let him choose to install that object somewhere in the map or to sell that object to make profit.


Other minor stuff

  • The right gui panel now updates correctly when a resource item is added or removed from the current level
  • The Object selection menu on machines now displays what is stored inside and what are producing
  • A lot of minor fixes and tweaking
  • Machines now display the sprite of the item that are producing over them when those are working

Keep in touch

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