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4 - 5 Month Progression. DMQ: Source really starting to come alive.

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Oh hay!

Sure, why not do one of these progress report things. We've had a good 4 - 5 months to get our work together and see what happens. I am really pleased with the way things are progressing, even though the three of us have a lot of IRL things going on, we've managed to put a lot of material together and have it work well as a mod. Here are some highlights:

  • All Weapon models - g_wep and v_wep are now done. They're integrated and all that's left to do with these is get proper orientation, spin code, and a few hud fixes to FOV and origin.
  • Most item models also done (the powerups too!) and getting put in.
  • Game code feels impressive. The player movement, bunny hopping, wall jumps are awesome, allowing advanced players the gameplay they're going to enjoy.
  • Maps are moving along slowly (we may have lost a mapper) but there will be a good selection by the first beta. I really want these to look and play right by then.
  • Sounds are in the remix phase - studio. Really trying to capture / bring out the style of the weapons with these. Hope to have these done and into the game soon.

I guess that's a good enough explanation without trying to be too vague. We've made definite progress over the past few months, and this brings us one very important step closer to a Beta release. Keep watching!


Very nice news! But you don't need to hurry, a mod like this needs time. How are the weapon sprites going?

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