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Another post to let you know what I've been working on and some of what I hope to accomplish.

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Hey everyone, I'm back again with another update.

I've been working on the mod over the last few months and I've made some progress, although I am not sure if I am even halfway done yet. I've expanded the scope of the mod to something much further than I initially started with; obviously this means there will be a lot of new content, but it's going to take a long time to finish developing it. Said content includes;

  • New food, weapons, and armor.
  • Replacing existing classes with new ones and adding more, for a total of 20 new classes.
  • A new story (Introduction text, rewritten endings, etc)
  • Rewriting all of the in game books.
  • New floor themes, some being overhauls of existing ones.
  • New secret levels, also with some being overhauls.

Originally, 2.0 wasn't going to be much more than updating all of the existing content and polishing it as much as I could.

I've already spent countless hours brainstorming, making new textures, revising existing levels, developing new prefabs, adjusting floor themes, modelling, etc... I haven't begun the implementation of new items but I am assuming it will be my greatest challenge. Anyways, here are some more preview shots of some vox models. I have plenty more made already, but it wouldn't be any fun if I spoiled it all, now would it? First, let's start with two of the old items I showed in the last post:

2018 03 08 17 42 30 MagicaVoxel

Here is the Acolyte Hat updated with some extra detail.

2018 03 08 17 42 03 MagicaVoxel

... and here's the Apprentice Hat, now looking a tiny bit less like literal poo.

2018 03 08 17 43 31 MagicaVoxel

The first person model of the improvised club.

2018 03 08 17 46 39 MagicaVoxel

A piece of new armor.

2018 03 08 17 43 03 MagicaVoxel

... and a gun. Implementing this is probably going to present some hurdles.

That's all I want to show for the vox models for the time being. While I have much more than models in store, I'll share some of another aspect I've spent a lot of time on; new classes.

I plan to replace every existing class with an entirely new one, and to fill in the present blank spaces with new original classes as well; there are 20 new classes in total. I already have all of them written up, along with the details such as their stats, skills, equipment, and descriptions. I don't want to spoil any more than I have to, so here are a few of the current new classes along with their descriptions and difficulty level.

Bard; The classic jack of all trades but master of none. Has a handful of well rounded tools, skills, and equipment, but no specialties.
Difficulty: normal

Archaeologist; A curator who came for adventure and discovery. Their expertise lies in identification and exploration.
Difficulty: hard

Witch Hunter; One whose oath is to eliminate those deemed impure. Uses both ranged weapons and magic, but excels in neither.
Difficulty: hard

Prisoner; A convict that has been offered freedom, should they survive the dungeon. Very few skills, and others turn away at your attire.
Difficulty: nightmare

As far as previews go, that will be all for now. You're probably wondering what the release date is going to be, and that's something I can't accurately answer. My extremely rough estimate is some time in July, assuming all goes according to plan and no major obstacles present themselves.

Anyways, that concludes it for this post. I'll make another one when I feel comfortable enough with my progress to do so.

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