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2018.06.01 - Short list of already finished things, planned and potencially interesting.

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1st of june 2018

What I already have:
- most of the enemies has 1.5x increased health.
- bow and arrows are aviable right from the start.
- now you can buy arrows in talisman shop.
- character stats are easier to read now ("experience" instead if "exp" and so on)
- health slowly regenerates (more decorative than practical thing).
- mana slowly regenerates (more decorative than practical thing).
- chance to hit enemy is increased by 15%
- character stats will grow a bit slowly, but more consistant.
- importance of luck was decreased.
- class " revenant" now do not have penalty for constitution (was -12)
- class " revenant" now do not have preferred weapons (were swords)
- all potions are renamed. "+100 HP" instead of "lesser healing" and so on.
- description fo all types of food is changed. Now you could see how exactly object affects you.

What I'm planning:
- decrease Solifuge's health to 2000. But you''ll have to kill him without freeze arrows.
- make some monsters immune for certain types of attack so player would have to change tactics. Probably magical creatures (golems and skeletons) will be protected against phisical damage, while mages will be protected against magic.
- add bows to Gina's weaponry shop.
- add details to all of the locations. First of all - Andrea's room in the Keep. Second - few new more useful city streets. Third - add abandoned villages. And so on.
- replace minimap with hand painted one.
- get rid of all of the mazes. I think they are unnecesary and boring. Especially it is correct for final levels.

What I would like to add, but not really sure is it possible:
- copy Diablo II/Darks Souls death system. For Revenant it can be even storyline-driven. But I do not know how to trigger "player.stat health<0" without death screen.
- put Andrea's statues all around Ahkuilon and make them health restoring shrines.

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Just found this. Any progress or is abandoned?

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