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Progress of the WGC mod, and little update of the things.

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So, here is some progress update for the people following the mod:

Space units are going well. Land units are WIP and concepts look promising so far, i will try to upload some pictures of space and land units each week.

We have 2 of the EvE Online factions in game rigged already, and making of third faction is due to be completed in following week. Also we have many factions from SFAW mod planed to be added as main or minor (possibly combination) factions.
Stargate Space units are at 70% ready state aproximately, some stuff need remaking of texture and some need complete new ones.
Since Fall lost hes harddrive in crash, we lost some of non-backup data like Mass Effect stuff, but we will recreate them with ease. So no worries there.

so, overall progress is about this:
Story/Plans- About 70%
Space units- around 40%
(models with/without textures)
Space buildings- 20%
Land units- 20%
Land Buildings- 0%
Land Props- 25%
Various addons/effects- 30%
Custom maps- 0%
(but i can easily make 5+ space maps and 2+ land maps per day later, since i started modding as FoC mapper :)
Particles- 5%

Custom Music- 45%

1 of the factions have name, but the other 2 are still in ''brainstorm'' lol, and the thing pointed out by one of our followers, maybe pirate faction will be Flood, since they can infest anything, but no promises there, that will be determined for the next update.

Also, i have rigged many custom skydomes to the space battles, and there will be total around 60+ new custom skydomes. I am also the only mapper for the mod at the moment, but i havent had any time to do maps since i am quite busy with making models and everything else needed.

We are still looking for mappers, texture persons and an particle editor. If you want to participate in our mod, contact me, Fallconde or leave message in the comments. Also, another modeler would not be bad as well.

And something for anyone who want to contribute to the mod. Make an map, from any series or complete new imaginary space/land map. We will add the best, or if there is few maps sent to us then all of the maps, in our mod. Or make an model (with textures if possible, make up a name and what faction it could fit in), and we will look if it fits and rig it in game.

Stay tuned for updates!
WGC Dev Team.


Watch out for Skirmish crashing

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