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...of the Wine Cellar, FPS lags and scripting thoughts...

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Hey everyone,

a little update for you. :)

- I'm making progress with the Wine Cellar which I'm very proud of. You will have to cross this wet place to get access to the workshops, which are located at the back side of the castle. There are two new screens of the Wine Cellar in the images section.

- As I said before the Wine Cellar is flooded. It looks very nice with all the world reflection created by the water texture. But I don't know if I should keep it. At some places the framerate drops down by half. I think that I have a fairly nice computer and I get most the times 60 frames per second in Amnesia. This changes as I go down to the Wine Cellar, sometimes it drops down to 30 frames. But it looks to good to scrap this feature... An opinion is that the players who will get frame drops set the world reflection in the graphics menu to off. Mhm. We will see.

- I'm trying to bring you an enjoyable gameplay experience. In Amnesia a monster spawns, you hide in a closet and it's gone. They aren't a threat in most cases. I want to make this project much more interactive in a way that the players have to think about what they do. Take this little example: A monster spawns and walks by. After some seconds it will vanish. If a player deceides to go after him it could be possible that it will come back and chase the player. This is a horror survival game at all. Think about your actions and the consequences. You are no superhero. Also I think about different gameplay situations. In the Wine Cellar you will have to find a key. But it won't be at the same place every new game you start. It will change it's position in every game. So players should have different experiences while playing this game.

I'll keep you updated. :)


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