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Portal 2: Back-Stock has come a long way, and its going to go much farther.

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Hello all, BenVlodgi here. First off I'd like to thank you all for your support, and I'll give a little update on what we've been working on.

I'm sure you all want to know when we will release Back-Stock. Well my best answer is January 2012. I know that's a long ways away but honestly that's a short amount of time for what we are trying to accomplish.
We are working hard, right now I've been the only making any actual chambers, this week Naigel(Nicky) should be done with his internship and will be getting back into hammer.
Dr.Doozer(Ian) has been writing out the script, and working with me on the storyline (which is amazing btw)
Gamerman12(Casey) has been making promotional graphics, and videos, along with our cinematic sequences :D

Crazyb2000(Alfred) is working on our human character models
fdslk(Freddy) is making some special in game props
CX7000(Jordan) has made and is still making custom textures for some special places you will be visiting in this mod.
Jacob Hendricks's Computer has died so he had to stop making our custom techno songs.
Harry Callaghan is going to be making our custom Cave Johnson prerecorded messages, along with some other Aperture household voices.
Andrew Walker will be doing Portal styled music (he did the music for The Underground)
jumpinjax94 (Jack) is building our website
Also check out Gravity Wall on youtube!

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, let us know!... we love feedback.

TheMarshmallowBear - - 260 comments

Am I right in saying your gravity wall is infact using World POrtals :D sneaky

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benvlodgi Author
benvlodgi - - 134 comments

you are correct sir :) its the only way to achieve this effect

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HLWATCHER - - 114 comments

Looks that ther is going to be stupidly hard to beat this thing...

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