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Progress update #1 20.11.2020. Content update #1.

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Welcome to HLMW'S second progress update.

Here i will update major progress or changes of HLMW.

First we will look at the maps.

Singleplayer maps:


Objective: escape the corrupt city

20200818155648 1

20200818155823 1

20200818155857 1


Objective:listen to kyle's message and prepare for your mission.

bandicam 2020 08 25 19 05 49 822

Crew expendable/crewexpendable.bsp

Objective: defuse the bomb inside a russian cargo ship.

20200714120039 1

20200808230856 1

20200808230909 1


objective: Prepare for your next mission.



objective:destroy terrorist vehicles at an arctic base.

bandicam 2020 10 01 16 01 18 493

20201001162015 1

Base 2/base2.bsp

objective: Prepare for your next mission

20201016173248 1

Radio Tower 69/radio69.bsp

objective: Take down a terrorist broadcast at a radio tower.

20201016201529 1

20201017165431 1

Multiplayer maps


20200712201312 1


20200826181940 1

Rust (made by rejv)

20201011105535 1

more maps are being developed

now for the npc's

civilian (scientist reskin)

bandicam 2020 08 27 17 21 37 663

S.A.S Soldier (reskin of the friendly marines)

bandicam 2020 08 23 16 50 37 144

bandicam 2020 07 12 16 35 27 851

Terrorist (reskin of the male assassin)

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 54 49 006

S.W.A.T Barney (reskin of barney)

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 58 28 167

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 58 25 315

S.W.A.T Otis (reskin of otis)

bandicam 2020 08 29 10 45 21 255

bandicam 2020 08 29 10 45 24 523

Now for some changes.

The remington shotgun will be replaced by the spas 12 due to the remington not fitting the theme of this mod.

The minigun will possibly be replaced by m249 saw (you decide)

the groundzero map will not be in the mountains

some voicelines from the friendly grunts will be changed. example: "i'm an natural born alien killer" will be changed to "i'm a natural born killer" due to the alien word not fitting this mod.

Misc info:

Check out the trailer for the mod here

check out the full demo gameplay video here

Special thanks to: cambreaKer, rejv and cool_cid.

also thanks to all my fans.

if you want to be my steam friend send me a request my username is peeterxxx2

And if you wanna help with the mod send me a private message or email. my email is


I wonder, why didn't you take Condition zero deleted scenes game as a base for the mod?

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STAHP.exe Author

i tried but it kinda didn't work

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csds would've been more suitable for modern warfare mod but i feel like opposing force is more stable with modding and has better documentation

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