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Its been a while since an update on the modification progress.

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Progress Update

I haven't had much time lately to update you all on the progress I have made. I would like to thank you all for the patience you have had. I have been working on the details. A lot of balance to the civilizations has been done. Most of my effort has gone into making Home City cards. They play an important factor since they differentiate each civilization from each other. I have researched a lot to add historical and practical cards. let me know what you think.

Gondor cathedral Home City cardsLindon manufacturing plant Home City cards

Mordor cathedral Home City cardsMirkwood academy Home City cards

open the images in a new tab to see them

In addition to the Home City cards, I have also worked immensely on the different races, especially the Dwarves. I designed their common technologies and units, which I hope to reveal more in detail soon. There are also some really cool things that someone has been helping me with. When they are ready you all can see them. I also have been working on a Random Map. Can you guess the name of it?

Guess the map

And finally in case you missed it, here is the newest gameplay I uploaded. It showcases Lothlorien on the map Coasts of Lindon.

Hoar - - 1,682 comments

It's great to see you alive! (#^,^#)

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Maxyms - - 511 comments

Awesome, can't wait to this mod out ;)

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moddlord1 - - 11,188 comments

Cards looking good thanks for the news.

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JjForcebreaker - - 912 comments

Finally some news! Good to hear this stuff.

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Hawk85 - - 1 comments

Respect and Honor

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Roy1012 - - 13 comments

I cant wait for this! Looks great!

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wenj - - 1 comments

This might be a stupid question, but will i be able to play this on my mac? It looks awesome

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Gl0rfindel3k - - 3 comments

Is this still being worked on?

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