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A kind-of detailed news item about one month's worth of progress.

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Story Development

Not much change since the last update. I have to refine the character branch's ending some more to make sure that it conveys the message it's meant to convey. I'm satisfied with the rest of the campaign, at least storywise. I'm considering adding a mission that sheds some further light on why things happen in the way they do. The mission itself is done, but I haven't decided whether it will be part of the campaign, or a single mission that accompanies the main campaign.


I finished the military branch. All the missions are done, and tested thoroughly, as single missions as well as in campaign mode. I'm confident that the branch is already bug-free.

The last mission of the character branch takes up most of my testing time. It is undergoing some major revision. I may even have to scrap the current version and recreate it. It is a complex, challenging mission to create; however, it may not come across as such if you play it only once - as it will happen while going through the campaign as a player. There are numerous ways that mission can be played, using different tactics and different difficulty levels.

And there's the mission I talked about in the previous, Story Development section. The mission is done, tested thoroughly and ready to go.


No new assets since the last update. However, I removed some graphical files from the mod's folder that I don't plan to use anymore.


Reasonable progress has been made since the last update. I spent a lot of time browsing dictionaries and synonym finders to improve briefings and mission messages.

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