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As gamers, but also as game developers, we always put gameplay above everything else. Obviously, we are not saying that Graphics and SFX in a game are not important, but they should not be treated as the main pylon of a game, but rather as enhancements to the gaming experience, in other words the sugar-coat of a delicious cake. What makes a game fun, entertaining and challenging, are the mechanics and the flow of gameplay, which will glue a player in front of his monitor for hours.

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As we continue with the development of Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients, we have been continuously improving the visuals by making changes to the battlefield environment and the 3D models in order to provide a better presentation of the battles in the game. We have been playing with various shaders, lights, textures and with a lot of tinkering and iteration we are already seeing improvements. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, until we achieve the quality we want the game to have upon release, but slowly and steadily we are getting there.

Here you can see a “Before” and “After” of the battlefield. You will notice that the terrain has changed dramatically and it has now more character.

Bigger image: Battlefield

The difference between “Before” and “After” in regards to the units is more noticeable. While in the “Before” screenshot the units didn't have the sense of “volume” and the colors were dull, now they look more realistic with vivid colors and shiny armors.

Bigger image: 3D Models

The quest for improvement continues!

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really good work, hope to play it soon.

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