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Welcome to my fifth plans and info/progress update for Half-Life Modern Warfare. This is a reupload since the last one got archived. Today we will be looking at the progress of HLMW Remastered

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First as usual let's take a look at some maps


Objective: Attack the terrorist town and defuse the bomb

20210113171917 1

Hold Down The Fort/Khesanh.bsp

Objective: Protect the fort for 10 minutes straight.

20210114170359 1


objective: Kill the terrorist hijackers inside the plane


Now for some random changes:

- All of the models will be changed to higher poly ones

-Textures will be changed to highly detailed higher resolution ones

- Menu music changed to:

- End credits music changed to:

- Groundzero mission music changed to:

And now for some info:

My YouTube channel:

My discord: STAHP.exe#8728

Join the HLMW discord server:

My steam username is peeterxxx2

My email is

Download the mod here:

And if you wanna help out with the mod send me a private message or email or message in discord.

Thanks to all my great fans! :D :)


why not make remastered after ep2 releases or something? that way you'll have more modding knowledge so the remaster can be much better

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STAHP.exe Author

I believe the opposite will be better. release the remastered before ep2 so i can have more modding knowledge for ep2

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CambreaKer is right. You sould have done ep2 first and then remaster.

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theres a glitch where when you die you spawn in a random mission. i made a video on it mod tho

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