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Update on progress of the mod and possible release date of next update.

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Over the past few days I have made some additions to the NKR:TW mod.

First of all, I have added and completed (all 11) Cintran Unit Cards. Added to the Cintran roster (Cavalry finally added (Melee and Missile) and Queen Calanthe added)

Focusing on the elves now, I have added a generals unit (you can still use Forresters or Rangers as generals) and have added a cavalry unit in addition. This will most likely put a halt to the Elven roster (and be the end of the Cintran roster as well (as of now).

Lyria-and-Rivia has been added as a faction (will be released next update) and has a large roster as it is. I still need to add the Levy units and Cavalry units. These updates will most likely show up in 0.0.6 (Levy’s and Cav).

More info for 0.0.6 is that it will also most likely include some other Northern Kingdoms although due to the poll I put in discord I’ll most likely do 1 kingdom added = 1 update so more updates come out quicker. The next northern kingdom to be added will be Kovirr-and-Poviss, it’s roster can be found on the Trello (as well as other kingdoms and their rosters).

All in all, new kingdoms will be added per updates as well as finishing off original rosters/factions (i.e. Cintra and Elves finished rosters in 0.0.5 release).


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Thanks for your work ! Great mod

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Thank you for support!

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