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The Mamluk-Tonga Update features 60 brand new in-depth events. Updates to: cultures and religious changes, rebalancing on poptypes, factory counts, and literacy rates.

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0.78 The Mamluk-Tonga Update

Although the update number signifies this is 0.3 updates past the last one, in truth this is the biggest overhaul done so far:

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  • 60(!) events added for Lotharingia, Italy, Spain, Japan, Aksum, Byzantium, the Commonwealth, and the United States.
  • Most important defining events so far, and some that are planned: The Dutch Reform War for Lotharingia, the Slavic Federal Crisis for the Commonwealth, Japanese Expansionism for Japan, the American-Spanish War, and the American Civil War for the USA.
  • New event modifiers added, with them adding flavor and depth to the countries unique to this world.
  • More cultures added. Ashkenazi has found itself in South Africa and Ethiopia proper. Belgians are now the official owner of the USA


  • Cultures changed, Italian cultures received a lore update, north Italian has been renamed to Italienisch, as they are more related to their Germanic heritage, and the south Italians have become Italikós, more receptive to their byzantine family. Maltese has been renamed to Libian to be the Italian-settler culture.


  • More importantly than all of this, extremely consequential balance updates have been made to the literacy, factory count, and pop types throughout Europe and America in an attempt to create a somewhat stable world economically.

That is it for now! Coming next, events, modifiers, and more!


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