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Weekly progress update for Stellar Tactics posted on Steam Forums!

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Hi all! -

This week was primarily focused on finalizing the ship storage management code, ship repair systems on stations and the space combat loot system.

That wraps up most of the work. Here's where I am right now:

--Turret systems for missiles, projectiles and mining,
--Space combat fully functional - turret based combat as shown below in a previous update.
--All 40 ships playable - Light, medium and heavy variants of fighters, merchant ships, explorers, interceptors and massive cargo vessels.
--Skills are all tied into the ship combat system in the game. Team members at stations gain skill and apply bonuses from their skills to your ships systems.
--Ship equipment system and all loot tables tied into the combat system.
--Ship merchants - trade in or purchase a new ship.
--Ship equipment merchants offer millions (really!) of ship specific variants for components like warp drives, turrets, missile launchers, ship armor, electronics systems, ammunition, targeting computers and shields.
--Cargo management.
--Simple ship repair. When I add the final skill based repair system, you will be able to repair ships in space. For now you can simply purchase repairs on the station.
--Ship storage so you can have multiple ships stored around the universe.
--First pass enemy ship AI system.
--Space exploration HUD update.
--Ship scanning.
--Combat loot system - destroyed ships drop ammunition, ship equipment and ore.

To do:
--Chaff and missile avoidance system.
--An update to the mission system to allow for space combat specific mission types.
--Some additional AI work.
--A few quality of life features.
--A few testing, bug fixing and tuning passes.
--Additional polish.

Things are coming along nicely and I should have everything wrapped up soon. I'll continue to post weekly updates and give you a release date for the space combat patch when I get a bit closer to completion. I should mention that this is not all the work being done, another mission set is nearly completed and be implemented along with two other new mission sets after the space combat patch is released.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Great work brother, I'm an indie dev as well, just thought i would share some love and support.

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