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Progress update 1 releases with info on new cultures, religion updates, and further tweaks.

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Welcome to the first progress update where we will see the current work of the mod.


  • Many names were added to custom and reused tags to make them fit their location



  • New cultures have been added to enhance flavor. The Cornish have arrived in England, the Pontikoi in Eastern Byzantium, the Evraikos in Judaea, Enders in Enderia, Interslavic people throughout the Commonwealth, a Belgian proto-american culture, and rhenish germans in west germany.
  • Some cultures had their name changed. Greek changed to Rhomaoi, English to Angelsic, and russian to north slavic.
  • Some cultures have been recolored to better suit the lore, such as Italian, Turkish, Cornish, and Rhenish.


  • Religions have been changed alongside the cultural ones, with orthodoxy, oriental orthdoxy, and protestantism all battling it out for supremacy.



  • The borders have been somewhat finalized as we approach a set up that looks good and leaves the game open for a modicum of expansion for players.



  • Fourteen new events have been added, 7 for Italy and 7 for Spain. At the end hopefully there will be at least 8 events per player nation.


  • New modifiers have been added to reflect flavor

My next hope is to start pumping out events and decisions for the rest of the countries, and go from there.


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