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Lone Fighter has an interim update as the big stuff gets worked on.

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Hey all,

Lone Fighter has another update!
No big stuff added this time, but lots of smaller fixes and additions to hopefully make the game more enjoyable.


Simply unzip the folder and then launch the exe. To remove the game simpply delete the exe and folder.

Here's the Patch Notes for this release:

- Added Story Mode Button and menu (currently doesn't do anything)
- Renamed currently available game mode as 'Arcade Mode'
- Redesigned the Stats screen:
- Amount of shots fired is now displayed in the Stats section
- Amount of hits is now displayed in the Stats section
- Ratio of Shots fired to Hits is now displayed in the Stats Section
- Code changes to Stats generation
- Larger Asteroids can appear in Arcade Mode
- Resized original Asteroids
- Resized small Alien Ships and Elite Ships
- Increased variation of enemy ship/Asteroid spawning
- Modified Alien Spawning and player movement to within Camera on all screen resolutions
- Controls menu now appears correctly
- Small Alien Ships no longer spin uncontrollable once hit
- Edited Player Ship hit box
- Corrected small Alien Ship laser instantiate point
- Fixed bug that was preventing Stats from saving if Score was equal to HighScore.

Stats Update

In this update, your shots fired and hit is now counted and it'll give you a nice accuracy rating. I've also fixed some internal stat saving issues.


Larger Asteroids are in, they have more health than smaller ones. I've also made the Asteroids do more damage to the player. Further updates are planned for these rocks.

Next Update

You've might have noticed there's now a Story Mode. It's all early stuff at the moment but I'm hoping to do a dev blog on it sometime on what my plan is. Art is taking a backseat for the foreseeable future. I'm no artist.

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