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Another update released, changes explained and thoughts on whats to come.

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Cursed Koala Games have launched Version 0.4 of Lone Fighter!

Here is the change log if you're curious:

- Added Asteroids, which can damage and kill players and enemies
- Added Stats screen located on Main Menu
- Addead Death counter
- Added Kill counter
- Added Kill/Death Ratio
- Added Key Press (Enter/Return) to skip Splash Screen
- Lasers colliding will now destroy themselves
- Condensed Options and Controls menu buttons to just Options
- Renamed Options menu options for better clarity
- Tweaks to player health updating
- Changes to enemy spawning


So one of the biggest new things this update is Asteroids, small grey rocks that can kill enemies, players and block incoming laser fire. Their artwork and explosion effect are placeholder at the moment, like most in game at the moment, but I think they'll add additional depth to the game play. If they kill enemies they won't give you points, sorry!

Stat Tracking

I love stats. So now this game has them. They won't get in your way of playing, They can only be accessed from the main menu. But now the game tracks your total amount of kills, total deaths and gives you a K/D ratio to brag to the one other person who plays this demo. If you want to reset them you can, it's in the options menu.

What's Next?

So the next update will either be art or game play focused, it depends on what comes first. Art will just be updates to existing sprites and preparing for new things. For game play I plan on adding a bit more to asteroids, specifically ones of different size and shape to challenge the player. I've also been thinking about adding Bosses, the Alien 'Boss' in game at the moment is not really up to it.

As for other things, more stats are likely such as cumulative score, amount of each enemies killed and killed by etc. Customisation is still in the pipeline as well as achievements but I feel like game play needs to take precedence at the moment.

Another thing I keep thinking about is cooperative play and maybe even competitive PvE play. How it would work is two ships with different controls either trying to get individual high scores or surviving as long as they can if they are playing cooperative. I can't think of anything that would prohibit implementing this, just time.

So that's it, thanks for reading another article, if you have any feedback, I would love it. Also share this if you want.


Hallinskioi aka Dan

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