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It has been a rough week for me and my helpers however things are starting to look up as we have started finishing some of our maps. Also some new things you should see...

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It has been a rough week for me and my team and currently we are getting exhausted working 8hrs a day on it with 1 bathroom break... However things are going great and the mod is taking some changes...

For 1: The Source in Escape: Source was dropped a few days ago after a meeting with my devs. We agreed to just stick with Escape and it made it all the easier to stick EP1 or EP2 in our titles as :Source would take up the room.

For 2: The mod became a trilogy. After my co-writer and I have finished our scripts and such we found the mod to be pretty long and working on a long mod for a long time is bad... or at least to us. We broke the mod into 3 parts and started working on .Episode_1. As seen in one of the newer screen shots.

Finally, For 3: The facility was renamed NEW. Not that it matters or not however it seemed to please my team.

Well hope you all stick around to see some of the new stuff we are posting next time. Including finished weapon models and characters made by me and my lead modeler, Brian J.

~PharCry [Lead Developer]


so what kind of poster would look appropriate in the NEW facility? Perhaps I would like to make a poster for your community project.

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Phar Author

Hmm... Well we don't have real media yet to release so it is good to see the creative ideas you guys can come up with.

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